Endpoint Protection

5 Top Endpoint Security Providers for 2019

Endpoint security is the practice of protecting a network from malicious programs or activity originating from any one of that network’s numerous connection sites.

Anything can happen after that. And whatever does happen could end up costing your company a lot of money. According to the Ponemon Institute, system downtime from an endpoint attack can cost more than $1.2 million.

It’s more important than ever to find an endpoint security provider capable of protecting:

  • Your company
  • Its assets
  • Its reputation

To help, here are five top endpoint security providers for 2019.

1. Cisco AMP + Palo Alto Traps Endpoint Security

CTC Preferred Vendor StampRemaining one step ahead of today’s cyber threats requires an endpoint security system design that:

  1. Wards off today’s attacks …
  2. … as it updates to ward off developing — but not broadly dispatched — dangers

The combination of Cisco AMP and Palo Alto Traps software prevents attacks by leveraging a three-pronged solution that involves proactively identifying techniques used in malicious exploits and then “breaking” them.

Palo Alto’s RedLock acquisition will help customers shore up their mobile workforce, protect the cloud, and halt advanced threats into 2019.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: Reviewers cite the two solutions’ ease of implementation and use, intuitive features, and flexibility. Of Palo Alto Networks Traps, one pro says, “The level of security I get for my endpoints and servers is extremely valuable.”

2. Symantec Endpoint Security

Symantec’s 2019 was off to a good start even before the December 31, 2018 ball drop. That’s thanks to its late-2018 acquisition of Javelin Networks. Javelin provides software that allows enterprises to defend themselves against Active Directory-based attacks, an area of increasing cyber threat activity.

The company proclaims that it protects 175 million endpoints around the world. The number is impressive, but the company’s Gartner score of 4.5 from nearly 700 reviews carries greater weight for our purposes.

PCMag.com gave Symantec’s endpoint security solution an “excellent” rating in part because of its strong threat protection and ease of use. But a time-consuming set-up and lack of anti-phishing capabilities dinged its overall score.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: “The scanning on the clients is well optimized and … hardly noticeable from [a] performance aspect. Fast response to zero-day attacks ….”

3. CrowdStrike Endpoint Security

CrowdStrike received high marks from the users whose reviews comprise Gartner Peer Insights. It received a 4.8 out of 5 based on 249 verified reviews (highest of all vendors given the Customers’ Choice rating).

The company’s threat-hunting team identified several trends likely to keep its software busy throughout 2019. Those trends include:

  • China as the most prolific nation-state threat, launching intrusion attempts against biotech, defense, professional services, and more.
  • Criminal activity aimed at acquiring network resources for cryptocurrency mining.
  • An increased, and continuing, cyber assault on the biotechnology industry.

With a mid-2018 valuation of $3 billion, Crowdstrike should be able to move through 2019 with the resources required to keep pace with those and as-yet-undiscovered threats.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: “The gold standard for next-generation AV,” writes one information security manager.

4. ESET Endpoint Security

In late 2018, ESET announced its discovery of 12 previously undetected Linux malware families. The malware families are based on OpenSSH and, effectively executed, give attackers full control over Linux servers. That includes 37% of public-facing internet servers since that’s how many run Linux.

Having that level of threat awareness on your side is good. Also good: ESET’s attention to the potential cybersecurity threats of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in its endpoint security solution.

PCWorld.com gave ESET’s endpoint security solution strong marks but cited its expense as a con.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: A workforce technology engineer writes, “Spend less time removing infections from endpoints by not getting them to begin with.”

5. McAfee Endpoint Security

If McAfee Labs’ 2019 Threats Predictions Report is on the mark, the year is going to prove a gauntlet for IT professionals seeking to protect their networks and data. Threats will include:

  • Multifaceted assaults using ransomware, phishing, and other techniques
  • Cloud-targeting attacks
  • AI-empowered malware efforts

The ease with which small businesses can transition to and deploy McAfee is noted by Solutions Review (SR). SR also cites McAfee’s low user impact.

WHAT THE PROS SAY: “Top-notch security backed-up by superb end-user service,” writes a quality inspector.

What About Kaspersky Labs?

Kaspersky Labs’ activity in the cybersecurity space seems downright James Bond-like. It uncovered:

  • Targeted cyber attacks aimed at Central Asian diplomatic organizations
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities in an allegedly secure data transfer protocol for industrial systems.

There’s one villain the company may have a difficult time banishing, though: suspicion.

Allegations that the Russian government compromised Kaspersky Labs’ antivirus software and used it to engage in state-level espionage against the U.S. continue to sting.

In response, President Trump mandated that officials purge all Kaspersky Lab products from government systems. Even as Kaspersky moves operations around Europe to distance itself from Russia’s shadow, such allegations will be difficult to shake.

Stay Safe with Endpoint Security Solutions from CTC Technologies

McAfee’s Threat Report notes that cyber criminals are now joining forces, working together to develop ways to crack protections, access data, and in general threaten the IP and reputation your company has worked so hard to attain.

The most effective way to counter such moves? Teaming with a company that has the security development experience and network expertise to design an endpoint security solution that keeps your system protected against the threats rolling in throughout 2019 and beyond.

CTC Technologies is that company. Contact us today and we can begin working immediately to help protect your network by shoring up its endpoint security against the current — and sure to come — threats.