Indoor Location Services

5 Top Indoor Location Services Providers for 2019

Few technologies promise to revolutionize the user experience more than indoor location services in the next few years.

Industries with multi-billion dollar markets all stand the benefit, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

Selecting the right vendor to support initiatives in these and other industries might make all the difference between a successful effort and one that gets lost among various obstacles.

Vendors currently capturing much of the field’s attention from current and prospective users include the following.

1. Cisco CMX Analytics

Before the first quarter 2019 purchase of Mist by Juniper (see below), Cisco’s mid-2018 purchase of July garnered the headlines in this field. This acquisition came about as Cisco sought a solution that provided not only robust analytics about users in physical locations but the ability to translate that information into promptly actionable tactics.

One reviewer calls the system “very easy to use” and adds, “It allowed us to use wireless to both brand ourselves and customize [the] experience to users based on location.”

To achieve that, Cisco CMX Analytics uses multiple location technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

2. Quuppa

Quuppa prides itself on its system’s ability to surmount technological hurdles such as location accuracy as well as signal latency and reliability. It achieves this with what it describes as a “unique” combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), angle of arrival algorithms (utilizing an enterprise’s network), and angle of departure methodologies (utilizing a user’s device, such as a cell phone).

According to one reviewer, Quuppa delivers. “Quuppa has provided good support and networking opportunities, which [represent a] great bonus on top of [a] world-class product.”

3. Mist

As referenced above, Juniper purchased Mist in March 2019. The pick-up gives them Mist’s enterprise-grade combination of Wi-Fi, BLE, and Internet of Things (IoT) features to deliver personalized, location-based wireless services without the need for battery-powered beacons.

A Mist user calls Mist “a very forward-thinking and innovative company in the RTLS (real-time locating systems) space” and cites Mist support in particular. “As with any project, there were challenges during the pilot period, yet Mist was available, responsive and effective in working through the challenges with the Mission team.”

4. AiRISTA Flow

AiRISTA produces its solutions using passive, active, and semi-active radio-frequency identification (RFID), RTLS, Global Positioning System (GPS), and other technologies. Its system enables the increased visibility, security, and safety of what it calls “mission-critical assets and personnel.”

A reviewer working in healthcare gives AiRISTA Flow high marks. “We have been able to locate equipment quickly for patient care, and find equipment that departments would hoard. Having medical equipment tagged has allowed us to meet 99% of our JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) requirements.”

5. Aruba Location-Based Services

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas. But if hotels and casinos roll snake eyes on delivering the best possible customer experience, “what happens” might be nothing special.

One company’s recent move to deploy Aruba seeks to avoid such a fate. Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino will use to boost not only its Wi-Fi capabilities but also location-ready access points with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to help deliver enhanced physical security for guests and staff and additional guest services options. According to one report, “The hotel foresees integration with HVAC units, lighting, and temperature controls, and even door locks to enable truly smart rooms that could be prepared and customized for a guest at the moment of check-in.”

A reviewer states, “The location-based services were easy to implement and the Aruba team was incredibly helpful,” and added: “The user experience has been great ….”

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