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Head-To-Head: Symantec and Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Symantec comparison with Digital Guardian

In our 5 Top Digital Loss Prevention Providers for 2019 article, we examined how top data loss prevention providers’ performance and market conditions will influence the field in 2019. Now, we’re setting up a head-to-head comparison between two of those entries — Symantec and Digital Guardian — thanks to aggregated data from some of the… Read more

Nimble Storage InfoSight: A Review for the Enterprise

Predictive Analytics Platform, InfoSight: Powerful & Comprehensive InfoSight works alongside Nimble’s CASL (Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout), creating a solution that utilizes intelligent data analytics to provide independently-scalable performance and capacity, optimal deployment times, scale-to-fit architecture, and matchless predictive monitoring and support. The future of data storage management is here, and it comes in the form of… Read more