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Manufacturing on the Edge

Edge in manufacturing

By 2025, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will pass the $900 billion valuation mark worldwide. Among other changes, this ongoing wave of digitization promises to change how manufacturing plants look, operate, and produce goods. A chief component of this change is edge computing — locating data storage closest to the facility or facilities… Read more

5 Top SD-WAN Vendors for 2019

Powerful IT cloud.

SD-WAN is a success story in the tech industry. Thanks to the efforts of many different SD-WAN vendors, it’s been able to deliver on the performance and cost-reduction promises upon which it initially launched. The result is a hotly competitive market expected to hit $8.05 billion in 2021. At the same time, moving to an… Read more

SD-WAN Vendor Reviews: CTC’s Top 5 Choices for 2018

Switching to SD-WAN? Countless companies have made the switch from MPLS to SD-WAN, cutting network costs and increasing flexibility, control, visibility and performance. If you’re thinking about joining their ranks and shifting to broadband, it’s nice to know the benefits that come along with transitioning to SD-WAN. But, it’s even better to know which WAN… Read more

How SD-WAN Improves Traffic Flow and Network Performance

The idea that SD-WAN can improve the performance of your current MPLS network is a simple idea and one that has been backed with evidence from numerous companies that have made the switch. But, to understand how it improves your network performance takes a little deeper look under the software surface. Here’s the what. SD-WAN… Read more

SD-WAN vs. WAN Optimization: You May be Confused

SD-WAN and WAN Optimization These two terms get thrown around a lot in IT blogs, many of which declare that SD-WAN is the newest settlement on the WAN optimization frontier. The thing is, this may be a little over simplistic. WAN optimization and SD-WAN are more like two mates that play on the same team than… Read more

SD-WAN 101: Software Defined WAN For Beginners

If you couldn’t speak up about SD-WAN at your last seminar or business meeting, this is the article for you. We’ll help you go from SD-WAN dummy to genius so that you never have to mindlessly head nod again while IT gurus discuss packet loss, latency and jitter. To truly understand the in’s and out’s… Read more

4 Tips to Painlessly Transition Your WAN to SD-WAN

WAN optimization at the forefront of your company’s IT concerns? Most IT managers that our CTC Technologies experts speak with have some sort of issue with their current WAN architecture. Some of the biggest being: Performance Security Cost Latency Visibility A switch to an SD-WAN overlay is a suitable network solution that will combat many… Read more

Top 6 Things to Consider When Switching to SD-WAN

The MPLS WAN Blues If you leave the office every evening with a sad melody stuck in your head, the culprit could be your MPLS WAN. With quicker-than-ever industry shifts in technology and more businesses moving on up to the Cloud, a legacy infrastructure may not be the most efficient network setup for your company…. Read more

How Secure is Software-Defined WAN?

Scared of The Cloud? You aren’t alone. Accessing cloud applications is a top priority for several of our clients at CTC Technologies. But after using MPLS-based networks for years and keeping apps in-house in the data center, many business owners are wary of connecting to something as obscure as “the cloud” and switching over to… Read more