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SD-WAN vs. WAN Optimization: You May be Confused

SD-WAN and WAN Optimization These two terms get thrown around a lot in IT blogs, many of which declare that SD-WAN is the newest settlement on the WAN optimization frontier. The thing is, this may be a little over simplistic. WAN optimization and SD-WAN are more like two mates that play on the same team than… Read more

Our Preferred WAN Accelerator: Silver Peak Systems

CTC Technologies is proud to offer highly scalable WAN Accelerators from Silver Peak Systems. Let CTC Technologies help you design and install a WAN application acceleration solution today. CTC Technologies can help improve network latency response times with the complete family of Silver Peak WAN accelerators which feature robust management tools that facilitate key IT… Read more

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Silver Peak Over Riverbed

Here are a few reasons why: The Silver Peak NX series has proven performance on all WAN links from small branch offices to large data centers. Big pipes,defined as a WAN link with > 30 Mbps WAN through-put, have very different performance, management, and scalability requirements than smaller WAN connections. They involve complex QoS, security… Read more