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Overcoming Wireless Challenges In a Manufacturing Environment

Manufacturing wireless connectivity

While wireless technology will never be problem-free, the margin of error for manufacturers grows smaller by the day, driven by global competition as well as increasing client and consumer demand for quality and reliability. For a time, manufacturers could hobble along with various wireless problems. That’s no longer the case, though. Add to the competition… Read more

Manufacturing on the Edge

Edge in manufacturing

By 2025, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will pass the $900 billion valuation mark worldwide. Among other changes, this ongoing wave of digitization promises to change how manufacturing plants look, operate, and produce goods. A chief component of this change is edge computing — locating data storage closest to the facility or facilities… Read more

5 Top Indoor Location Services Providers for 2019

Indoor Location Services

Few technologies promise to revolutionize the user experience more than indoor location services in the next few years. Industries with multi-billion dollar markets all stand the benefit, including: Healthcare Transportation Education Manufacturing Selecting the right vendor to support initiatives in these and other industries might make all the difference between a successful effort and one… Read more

Is Your 5-Year-Old Wireless Network Outdated?

Digital hourglass.

In a study examining how circumstances influence our perception of time, scientists confirmed what many suspected: when a stressful situation is looming, time seems to slow down. Think car accident, termination notice, etc. That phenomenon might help explain why some decision-makers look at an organization’s wireless network and deem it sufficient. Facing the complexities, and… Read more

6 Social Engineering Scams To Guard Against

Social engineering tactics

Out of context, it’s a relatively innocuous term: “social engineering.” To the uninitiated, that might as well refer to efforts to design and build a new community center. You know better, of course. You know that in a “social engineering” attack, a person or group uses human interaction to identify usernames, passwords, and other information… Read more

1 Thing You Must Know About Social Engineering

A home-based computer user.

They understand the risks involved. Despite that, nearly 25% of employees admitted to ignoring company-promoted cybersecurity best practices. The ignored practices included not storing login credentials and saving company documents onto personal computers. It’s an unnerving statistic for anyone tasked with protecting a company’s network. One estimate puts employee cybersecurity training at $290,000. Based on… Read more

The Enterprise Transition to 5G

5G is coming

With the dawn of 5G upon us, “business as usual” doesn’t apply to wireless enterprise planning. That’s because the next generation of wireless promises to deliver significant changes to nearly every industry. It also promises its fair share of issues. Here’s a closer look at some of the more prominent challenges the enterprise space faces… Read more

How to Handle Wireless Security Like a Seven-Year-Old

Wireless security now, Nirvana later.

Seven-year-old you was pretty awesome. Rocking your Super NES, listening to your brother’s “Nevermind” CD when he wasn’t around, cackling like crazy to Ren & Stimpy. You were so awesome that you didn’t realize you’d already learned several key elements of wireless security — knowledge that would help you out in the 21st century. Here’s a… Read more

Wireless Design and Implementation: Enterprise Best Practices

Team working on wireless design

Effective wireless network design unites the complexity of an office’s technological infrastructure with the simplicity required to integrate seamlessly with an array of devices, from corporate servers and desktop PCs to BYOD items such as tablets and smartphones. The ideal design addresses important deliverables, such as: Access point locations that serve a strong and reliable… Read more

Wireless Scalability Is In Flux … and On the Roof

Man above a cityscape enjoying wireless access.

Wireless networks reconfigured our world. Meeting rooms, cubicles, hotel rooms and business centers, airports, and even our homes and coffee shops assumed subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, physical changes once a wireless network was implemented. This pattern encouraged end users to develop one particular expectation: wireless everywhere, all the time. For the most part, they got… Read more

Extend Your Network’s Wireless Signal in 5 Steps

An office meeting enabled by strong wireless signals

You know what the queue of colleagues outside your office door means: The company’s wireless signal isn’t powerful enough to extend to everyone. Too many associates are either trapped in dead zones or congregate in the one location with sufficient signal strength. Everyone acknowledges the tight spot you’re in. But then come the pleas for… Read more

The Ultimate Guide to 802.11 Protocols and When to Use Them

WiFi signal over city

History’s trash heap of obsolete networking technology grows larger each year. Multiterminal systems, minicomputers, proprietary interfaces, sure. But even items implemented a few years ago get passed by in favor of more robust and secure solutions. According to Dimension Data’s annual Network Barometer Report, 58 percent of network devices are considered current. That’s an 11-percent… Read more

Top Wireless Access Point Vendors of 2018

No two enterprises are exactly the same, which means that your network needs are likely unique from anyone else in your industry. Because of this, it is important to choose the right network configuration for your specific needs, which means choosing the right wireless access points (WAPs) and vendors for your enterprise. This need only… Read more

Is Your Business Wi-Fi Acting Up? Check These 8 Places First

If your business wireless internet connectivity or WiFi connection isn’t working correctly, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue yourself. A slow connection or dropped signal can make it difficult to work on a computer, laptop or mobile device. However, many of the most common problems fit into eight categories of root causes, such… Read more

Old Equipment, New Risks: The Danger of Outdated Devices on a Wireless Network

With the cost of new smartphones reaching nearly $1,000, it’s no wonder employees hold on to their old devices. Employees may not realize this means their devices are no longer getting security patches and are thus exposing them to risks. If your company follows a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy, which allow employees to use their own equipment,… Read more

A Quick Guide on Selecting Enterprise Wireless Access Points

Over the last few years, wireless has become a core technology of business and has benefited from intense research and development in the areas of range, spectrum and hardware. Now, there are multiple vendors offering different flavors of wireless capability, making it confusing for any business to invest in a wireless solution for its enterprise…. Read more

The 5 Wireless Networking Issues Every IT Pro Deals With

Nowadays, enterprise organizations rely on reliable, secure wireless networks to keep their operations going. With the advancements in wireless technology, high-availability WLANs are more common than ever. Despite this, troubleshooting WLAN issues can be a pain for IT pros. Especially network admins of mixed networks. Having worked with companies of all different sizes from a… Read more