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What Happens if my Nimble Storage Array Disk Drive Fails?

Failures Rare With Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage is our preferred vendor for many reasons, one being that failures are few and far between. Should one occur, however, customers are curious what exactly happens next.

Keep in mind, we’ve had customers working with Nimble for years without experiencing an actual failure. But, we like to walk potential buyers through a failure process should one arise so that they can be prepared for anything.

After all, your storage solution is only as good as its failsafe.

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Disk Drive Failure: What Happens Next?

Step 1: Failure Alerts

As soon as a disk failure occurs, Nimble’s intelligent InfoSight will detect it (before IT can) and will trigger the following three things to happen:

  1. Emails will be sent to those recipients dictated in setup.
  2. Failure info will be sent directly to InfoSight website.
  3. A Support case will automatically open immediately.

InfoSight is a top feature of any Nimble enterprise SAN storage solution. This predictive analytics platform monitors data points constantly, collecting and analyzing “more sensor data points from our customers’ arrays than there are stars in our galaxy.”

This excellent tool allows even the most complex issues to be handled immediately, allowing customers to experience > 99.9999% uptime (measured across thousands of arrays).

Step 2: Confirm/Automate Equipment Send-outs

Once all parties are alerted to the issue at hand, one of two things can happen next depending on how you have setup your solution.

1. You will be prompted to confirm the shipping address for any replacement parts and whether you need an engineer to come out.

2. The above will happen, but automatically.

You can choose to setup your solution so that replacement parts ship immediately after InfoSight recognizes that a hardware failure has occurred.

Step 3: Resolution

Nimble’s HW and SW is so adept at handling failure resolution that you have to do next to nothing. You don’t have to rebuild RAID or take any other actions.

All you have to do to begin resolving the issue is to pull out the failed disk and replace it with the new one that Nimble has sent out to you.

Nimble’s replacement disk will automatically begin rebuilding RAID, and once it is completed successfully, your open support call will be closed automatically.

It’s really that simple!

There are many aspects of Nimble Storage solutions that stick out to us in today’s highly competitive market.

InfoSight, being the top one, provides unmatched, unified management that causes a trickle-down of great features, including:

  • Early detection of any storage issue
  • Excellent support/communication
  • Optimal failure process
  • Quick, efficient problem resolution
  • Nearly-constant uptime (> 99.999% availability)
Looking for an in-depth comparison of the top Enterprise SAN storage companies? Click here to download our Comparison Whitepaper today.

Demo a Nimble Storage SAN Solution

Lowered operational costs, a reduced data center footprint,and increased speed and performance – all things that any enterprise-level organization would want out of its data storage solution.

Our team of data architects has built and deployed Nimble solutions for several companies, achieving everything mentioned above for vastly different infrastructures, and it can do the same for yours.

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