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Nimble Storage InfoSight: A Review for the Enterprise

Predictive Analytics Platform, InfoSight: Powerful & Comprehensive

InfoSight works alongside Nimble’s CASL (Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout), creating a solution that utilizes intelligent data analytics to provide independently-scalable performance and capacity, optimal deployment times, scale-to-fit architecture, and matchless predictive monitoring and support.

The future of data storage management is here, and it comes in the form of InfoSight Predictive Analytics.

Complimentary Management & Support With InfoSight: A Step Above the Rest

This flexible flash storage analytics platform comes bundled with any of Nimble’s SAN storage solutions as part of a support package.

InfoSight greatly outranks competitors by making management and support simple and efficient for customers through the following top features:

  • Real-time monitoring and automatic diagnosis allow InfoSight to collect and analyze data from multiple points to assess performance and latency issues and fix them, often before customers see them.
  • The cloud-based data collection engine allows IT to get a bird’s-eye view of its storage environment and its overall health by monitoring things like performance, capacity and data protection.
  • Prescriptive guidance shows customers how to fix issues should they arise.
  • Nimble’s InfoSight is measured with a 99.9999% uptime availability across thousands of storage arrays.
  • Nimble’s level-3 engineers are always less than a minute away via phone call to provide optimal support and guidance.
  • Customers can leverage predictive analytics to identify future needs and potential hotspots.

Far ahead of any competitor offerings, InfoSight’s innovative design and comprehensive approach allow administrators to pinpoint even the most elusive storage problems to target and demolish top performance issues like host or network challenges, flash to disk ratio and CPU utilization.  

InfoSight’s ability to automatically identify these problems eliminates professional service fees and frees up the time IT used to spend manually collecting and analyzing data so that it can tackle other priority tasks that have been set aside.

The icing on the cake is Nimble’s Zero Day Prevention Policy, which states that it will try to prevent any of its customers from experiencing a problem that affected only one customer’s infrastructure.

It’s simple why Nimble is our preferred storage provider: It has its customers’ backs.

Schedule a Demo of CTC Technologies’ Preferred Enterprise SAN Storage Solution

CTC Technologies engineers have had extensive experience building, demoing and deploying Nimble Storage SAN solutions for a variety of companies, large and small.

Because of our working partnership with Nimble, we’re extremely familiar with how its solutions integrate into real-life, diverse infrastructures, and not just how the numbers look on paper.

A key feature of Nimble’s SAN storage solutions is no doubt the InfoSight Predictive Analytics Platform. It’s flexible, simplicity and efficiency de-stress IT for better work and storage environments across the board.

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