Enterprise SAN Storage

Nimble Storage as a SAN Disaster Recovery Solution

What happens if your network fails and your IT stops working?

If your company is not prepared, not only do you need to outline steps to take in case of a network failure, but you also need to become intimately knowledgeable of how your SAN storage vendor prepares for and handles unforeseen disasters.

We believe it’s a must for a solution to prioritize DR to safeguard servers should a failure occur. Your customers depend on it, which means your company depends on it.

If your solution doesn’t provide predictive recovery to keep your network up and data secure, it may be time to consider switching to Nimble Storage.

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Protecting Data Storage

Nimble’s Predictive Flash Platform delivers primary storage, backup and disaster recovery in a comprehensive package that is included with every storage solution.

Nimble’s innovative InfoSight technology offers the best support and management that we’ve seen on the market today.

Using predictive analytics, it ensure that your network is running smoothly and that you are aware the second something goes awry through proactive notifications on your dashboard.

Due to its efficiency, in over 90% of cases network problems are fixed before you would have notice they occurred. This allows for > 99.9999% availability that has been measured across thousands of arrays in real-life applications.

Simplified Management

Nimble’s data protection capabilities are array-based, which means high performance for IT.

Integrated with industry-leading, third-party offerings, these capabilities improve and simplify data protection deployment and management.

1. Nimble has formed technical alliances with leading data protection vendors to provide customers with flexible solutions. Examples include:

  • Commvault
  • Veeam Availability Suite

2. Nimble has integrated its solution with popular management interfaces that IT teams are familiar with so that they can simplify their operations without hiring outside experts.

3. Nimble’s Unified Flash Fabric is a single platform that clusters performance-based and capacity-based storage, eliminating silos and reducing data center footprint.

Disaster Recovery and Predictive Availability for Your Data Center

Point-in-time snapshots, cloning and array-based replication are built into the Predictive Flash Platform so your data is sufficiently protected and your costs are lowered due to this setup’s efficient use of space.

Nimble is a SAN disaster recovery solution that will protect your business-critical workloads while reducing the load on all of your resources.

Looking for an in-depth comparison of the top Enterprise SAN storage companies? Click here to download our Comparison Whitepaper today.

Begin the Journey to Optimal Security Today. Rest Easier Tomorrow.

IT teams that are confident in their networks make for better workers overall. We’ve seen firsthand how the support and security of a Nimble solution improves IT employees’ productivity overall.

Maybe they’re getting better sleep at night. This we cannot say for sure.

But, we can say that we’ve seen the numbers, and their network’s uptime and IOPS increase while their footprint and OPEX decrease, leading to a great ROI.

We’ve worked extensively with Nimble Storage, implementing it for numerous different infrastructures, because we believe it offers a comprehensive solution that prioritizes data protection and disaster recovery, which means our customers get peace of mind.

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