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Nimble Storage & VMWare: The Perfect Match

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your virtual environment – servers, apps and desktops – there is a dynamic duo in the SAN storage marketplace that you should know about.

A “go-to market partnership,” Nimble Storage and VMWare have come together to create a unified, simplified infrastructure that increases efficiency, savings, delivery and business continuity for their joint customers.

Deploying this integrated IT solution works for all virtualized workloads, and IT managers experience:

1. Optimal performance.

2. Business continuity.

  • Seamless scale.
  • No system disruption when adding nodes to cluster.

3. Simple and efficient management and support.

  • Predictive analytics is a unique Nimble Storage feature that makes the lives of your IT managers and their team more stress-free. Read more below.

4. Decreased costs.

  • Save on power, space and costs of scale (OPEX).

Let’s get into a little more detail. We’ll take a look at each company and then bring them together to highlight this all-encompassing solution.

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Nimble Storage

Focusing on its customers’ desire to deploy a single data storage platform, Nimble created its Unified Flash Fabric, for all-flash and adaptive flash arrays, with predictive analytics. This simple-to-implement and simple-to-manage solution frees up time for IT teams to delegate to other tasks.

One of our head Nimble Storage engineers knows its solutions front and back, and has deployed them for multiple corporations. Because of his expertise, we asked him to highlight the main features that be believes set Nimble apart from competitors. Here’s what he had to say:

It is a good, rounded out solution.

1. It works well with VDI, database and engineering.

2. IT administrators can set parameters ahead of time.

  • Set it and forget it management.

3. Solution upgrades are zero-impact.

4. It offers adaptable compression.

5. It offers extremely efficient snapshots, making backup a synch.

6. Minimal OPEX compared to other solutions.

7. Very high IOPS and low latency.

8. Highly available.

9. Great for those with business continuity as a high priority.

InfoSight Predictive Analytics is a unique offer that will greatly reduce in-house management responsibilities. Infosight can:

1. Offer data analysis on your data and your volumes.

2. Remotely monitor your system if you want it to.

3. Predict if something looks like it’s going to fail or space is running out and warn you ahead of time to prevent the problem.

  • Increase uptime.

4. Reduce extra costs.

  • When you don’t have to hire a SAN specialist, it allows your existing staff to complete tasks so that you don’t have to spend money on an additional, highly-paid engineer.

5. Offer great support.

  • It’s so easy to manage and because of Nimble’s great support system, it frees up time in the long run and increases employee productivity.


VMWare is known for its software-defined approach to IT, offering several solutions that focus on cloud and business mobility. VMWare solutions, like vSphere, make it possible for you to run and manage your cloud and enterprise applications in a shared operating environment.

Highly recognized among large corporations and with an impressive portfolio, VMWare has powerful partnerships worldwide, giving its customers a variety of options to choose from when deciding on an IT solution.

One such partnership, with Nimble, offers the following joint solutions:

  • SmartStack™ for VDI with VMware
  • SmartStack™ for Business-Critical Applications with VMware
  • SmartStack™ for Desktop and Server Virtualization with VMware
  • Reference Architecture for VMware Horizon 6 with View

The platform choice of every Fortune 500, VMWare is well-trusted, easy to deploy and manage, and offers lower TCO and quicker ROI than comparable vendors.

Nimble Storage & VMWare: Great Alone, Better Together.

Now that you have seen what each company offers pre-partnership, you can get a pretty good idea about what their joint virtualization solutions look like for customers.

Together, Nimble Storage and VMWare have created a single, efficient IT platform that is reliable, secure and flexible. With aspects like business continuity, OPEX, deployment, scalability and management in mind, this joint solution is about as set-it-and-forget-it as you can get. But, you won’t miss a thing.

High consolidation, lower footprint, availability and deep-level data protection are all earmarks of this dynamic solution, which is flexible enough to support several trends, including mobile desktop and bring your own device infrastructures.

Key Benefits of This Dynamic Duo:

  • Pairing VMWare vSphere with Nimble, customers experience Flash-accelerated platform performance and unparalleled scalability that fits any budget.
  • This joint solution focuses on greatly simplifying operations and management, allowing customers to increase system efficiency and decrease management silos.
  • With InfoSight predictive analytics and VMVision, customers experience the best-available out-of-house management there is, greatly increasing system reliability, performance and visibility.
Looking for an in-depth comparison of the top Enterprise SAN storage companies? Click here to download our Comparison Whitepaper today.

CTC Technologies, Inc. Can Help You Implement This Paired Solution

If you’d like to start the migration to a joint Nimble Storage and VMWare solution, one of our team members would be happy to assist you.

Our trusted partnership with both Nimble Storage and VMWare has paved the way for our engineers to help several customers adopt the combined solution, increasing their efficiency and savings while simplifying their infrastructure.

If you’re ready to move forward or have specific questions that we haven’t answered here, please get in touch with us. Need a faster response? Give us a call at 734.408.1993.