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CTC’s September 2019 Threat Report

Vulnerabilities come from all sides — even from the inside. That’s the case with two notable items from recent worldwide cybersecurity activity.  Of even greater significance, however, are the ongoing attacks faced by public institutions seen in generations past as practically untouchable: presidential elections and government operations. U.S. Institutions Dealing with Ongoing Attacks A widespread… Read more

4 Network Cabling Service Mistakes To Avoid

Wireless technology garners many of today’s IT-related headlines. However, there are few elements as crucial to a productive setting than reliable network cabling.  Recognizing that, ensuring your network cabling service providers deliver on the promise of an efficient and effective network is crucial. To help, here are four network cabling service mistakes to avoid. 1…. Read more

CTC’s August 2019 Threat Report

Technology integrates so well into our daily lives that it’s easy to place perhaps too much trust in it.  That’s what happened to approximately 100 drivers in California. They trusted Google Maps to find their way out of a traffic jam but ended up stuck in a muddy field. That level of trust can create… Read more

CTC’s July 2019 Threat Report

Along with rotary dial phones, cassette-playing Sony Walkman devices, and CRT televisions, add another victim to advancing technology: battle lines. Today, no one is afforded a clear demarcation point between potential conflict and peace. That includes, as we see below, your company. The U.S. Goes After Iran with Cyber Attacks; Iran Attacks Industries Following the… Read more

Wireless VoIP: Something in the Air

With the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market projected to surpass $55 billion by 2025, it’s clear that enterprises remain bullish on the technology.  That may provide a good headwind for wireless VoIP, which looks to attract more business users in the coming years. What Is Wireless VoIP? Wireless VoIP takes a cue from its… Read more

5 Top Barcoding Systems For Manufacturing

Barcoding systems in manufacturing allow for an array of benefits, including materials and equipment inventorying, shipment processing, and equipment tracking. Those benefits and more translate to efficiencies that can directly boost a manufacturer’s bottom line. Holding inventory, for example, can cost an enterprise as much as 30% more than the inventory’s unit cost value. If… Read more

CTC’s June 2019 Threat Report

Trust, but verify. It’s advice popularized by President Ronald Reagan during his tenure. He used to help characterize his philosophy toward Soviet leaders on the subject of nuclear disarmament. The need for such due diligence permeates every layer of every enterprise’s IT landscape. News from the last month underscores how even the largest organizations are… Read more

Overcoming Wireless Challenges In a Manufacturing Environment

While wireless technology will never be problem-free, the margin of error for manufacturers grows smaller by the day, driven by global competition as well as increasing client and consumer demand for quality and reliability. For a time, manufacturers could hobble along with various wireless problems. That’s no longer the case, though. Add to the competition… Read more

CTC’s May 2019 Threat Report

Hackers never take a break from their assaults, so it’s crucial never to take a break from your defense — even if that means spoiling someone’s idea of “pure fun” (see below). Manufacturers Under (Cyber) Attack from the Inside A report recently released by Verizon highlights a common — and serious — cybersecurity threat: people… Read more

Manufacturing on the Edge

By 2025, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will pass the $900 billion valuation mark worldwide. Among other changes, this ongoing wave of digitization promises to change how manufacturing plants look, operate, and produce goods. A chief component of this change is edge computing — locating data storage closest to the facility or facilities… Read more

CTC’s April 2019 Threat Report

Today’s manufacturers must navigate a demanding and highly competitive industry. And absent any other complications, many of them likely welcome the opportunity to innovate their way to success. Unfortunately, there are other complications. Specifically: cyber threats.   Manufacturing is the second most targeted industry based on the number of reported cyber attacks according to the… Read more

5 Big Challenges Facing Manufacturing Today

Manufacturers today face challenges on multiple fronts. Globalization, new and developing facets of the fourth industrial revolution, cyber threats, and other matters present hurdles for any company looking to make its mark. A survey of the top issues concerning manufacturers today turns up several prominent ones, including the following. 1. Producing and Protecting Innovative Products… Read more

5 Top Indoor Location Services Providers for 2019

Few technologies promise to revolutionize the user experience more than indoor location services in the next few years. Industries with multi-billion dollar markets all stand the benefit, including: Healthcare Transportation Education Manufacturing Selecting the right vendor to support initiatives in these and other industries might make all the difference between a successful effort and one… Read more

CTC’s March 2019 Threat Report

Perhaps to underscore that no single technology is effective against hackers, a wave of recent news related to cryptocurrency has hit. It includes an executive who passed away and took with him the password to about $190 million in cryptocurrency and a successful social engineering attack, among other topics.   Blockchains Under Attack It wasn’t… Read more

NAC Showdown: Cisco ISE vs. Aruba ClearPass vs. Forescout

A few years back, a survey of companies looking to deploy network access controls (NAC) identified two main reasons: 1) Protecting corporate resources from unauthorized users 2) Limiting the impact of security problems That second reason stands as a tacit acknowledgment that not every network threat can be fully neutralized before some damage occurs. Today,… Read more

CTC’s February 2019 Threat Report

Sometimes, cybersecurity issues hit VERY close to home. Consider the Apple FaceTime bug that allowed users to see and hear people before they answered the call. Or the Fortnite vulnerability that allowed hackers to eavesdrop on players. Such issues can instill within users a sense of vulnerability. They bring cybersecurity issues into homes across the… Read more

Head-To-Head: Fortinet and Palo Alto Firewall Solutions

In our 5 Top Firewall Providers for 2019 post, we examined the prominent offerings and market conditions affecting key players in the firewall market. Now, we’re providing a closer look at two of the top finishers: Fortinet and Palo Alto. Our goal: to provide further assistance in determining which firewall solution to choose. What Users… Read more

Head-To-Head: Symantec and Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Solutions

In our 5 Top Digital Loss Prevention Providers for 2019 article, we examined how top data loss prevention providers’ performance and market conditions will influence the field in 2019. Now, we’re setting up a head-to-head comparison between two of those entries — Symantec and Digital Guardian — thanks to aggregated data from some of the… Read more

5 Top Firewall Providers for 2019

Rogue AI chatbots, IoT breaches, widespread fraud: many expert predictions for 2019 are downright dire. Selecting the right firewall provider can go a long way to protecting your enterprise’s reputation, data, and bottom line. Let’s take a look at five top firewall providers for 2019. 1. Fortinet Maybe it’s the company’s independently certified and continuous… Read more

CTC’s January 2019 Threat Report

Despite continual technological advances, development of a crystal ball that accurately predicts the future of cybersecurity eludes us. Thankfully, a couple of recent news items provide guideposts that may well come in handy for this new year. Experts Predict 2019 Cybersecurity Dangers Responding to a request from Forbes, a number of IT experts shared their… Read more

5 Top Data Loss Prevention Providers for 2019

In 2018, the number of breached records totaled more than 1.3 billion. The root cause of many of those breaches? Unintended disclosures. That is to say, user error rather than hacks. Hackers didn’t take the year off, though. As you can imagine, their efforts also comprised a significant number of breaches. For today’s enterprise, looming… Read more

5 Top Endpoint Security Providers for 2019

Endpoint security is the practice of protecting a network from malicious programs or activity originating from any one of that network’s numerous connection sites. Anything can happen after that. And whatever does happen could end up costing your company a lot of money. According to the Ponemon Institute, system downtime from an endpoint attack can… Read more

CTC’s December 2018 Threat Report

When a cybersecurity issue arises, reaction time matters. Yet in recent news: A government agency let a known problem sit for an entire year A popular retailer swiftly addressed the issue but communicated poorly to affected users. Both issues go away with the right team backing you up. A team led, hopefully, by someone who… Read more

5 Top Data Recovery Providers for 2019

Not sure how much urgency a single hour of downtime merits? One survey that tallied organizations’ downtime costs suggests that it merits a lot. In some case, as much as $5 million worth.   98% of respondents put the cost of one hour of downtime at $100,000 81% put it at more than $300,000 33%… Read more

5 Top Antivirus Providers for 2019

Cybersecurity for 2019 is a tale of three numbers: $6 trillion: Cyber crime’s global economic cost by 2021 $248 billion: The expected size of the cybersecurity market by 2023 10: The number of antivirus options available here from which to choose the best defense for your organization Companies don’t have to face the stark reality… Read more

CTC’s November 2018 Threat Report

It’s one of the longest-held animal myths of all time: that ostriches bury their heads in the sand to avoid danger. They don’t; they’re preparing nests or caring for their eggs. (Anything that buried its head in the sand would have a difficult time breathing.) But as a metaphor for people avoiding difficult situations by… Read more

5 Top SD-WAN Vendors for 2019

SD-WAN is a success story in the tech industry. Thanks to the efforts of many different SD-WAN vendors, it’s been able to deliver on the performance and cost-reduction promises upon which it initially launched. The result is a hotly competitive market expected to hit $8.05 billion in 2021. At the same time, moving to an… Read more

CTC’s October 2018 Threat Report

Cybersecurity issues brought to light over the past month or so remind us of a very important aspect of the internet: everything is connected. No website exists on an island that is perfectly fortified against attack. And sometimes, the attacks come from a seemingly friendly territory. The code that KO’d British Airways An attack on… Read more

Is Your 5-Year-Old Wireless Network Outdated?

In a study examining how circumstances influence our perception of time, scientists confirmed what many suspected: when a stressful situation is looming, time seems to slow down. Think car accident, termination notice, etc. That phenomenon might help explain why some decision-makers look at an organization’s wireless network and deem it sufficient. Facing the complexities, and… Read more

CTC’s September 2018 Threat Report

Children hacking ostensibly well-protected computer systems. The FBI’s best beating a path to the exits. Unabated cyber assaults against big-name companies. Sounds like it’s time to turn our cybersecurity-related concerns up to “11.” Child hacks voting site Forget Nickelodeon. One 11-year-old boy bypassed Spongebob Squarepants and his cohorts to spend time trying to hack into… Read more

6 Social Engineering Scams To Guard Against

Out of context, it’s a relatively innocuous term: “social engineering.” To the uninitiated, that might as well refer to efforts to design and build a new community center. You know better, of course. You know that in a “social engineering” attack, a person or group uses human interaction to identify usernames, passwords, and other information… Read more

1 Thing You Must Know About Social Engineering

They understand the risks involved. Despite that, nearly 25% of employees admitted to ignoring company-promoted cybersecurity best practices. The ignored practices included not storing login credentials and saving company documents onto personal computers. It’s an unnerving statistic for anyone tasked with protecting a company’s network. One estimate puts employee cybersecurity training at $290,000. Based on… Read more

CTC’s August 2018 Threat Report

Exploiting vulnerabilities isn’t merely the province of solo hackers and state-sponsored agents. If a weakness exists somewhere, it’s a safe bet that an effort is being made to identify and leverage it. Even if that effort is being made in a prison by the inmates themselves. (More on that in a minute.) Large, concerted effort… Read more

The Enterprise Transition to 5G

With the dawn of 5G upon us, “business as usual” doesn’t apply to wireless enterprise planning. That’s because the next generation of wireless promises to deliver significant changes to nearly every industry. It also promises its fair share of issues. Here’s a closer look at some of the more prominent challenges the enterprise space faces… Read more

How to Handle Wireless Security Like a Seven-Year-Old

Seven-year-old you was pretty awesome. Rocking your Super NES, listening to your brother’s “Nevermind” CD when he wasn’t around, cackling like crazy to Ren & Stimpy. You were so awesome that you didn’t realize you’d already learned several key elements of wireless security — knowledge that would help you out in the 21st century. Here’s a… Read more

CTC’s July 2018 Threat Report

Ukraine authorities raise red flags about the early stages of a widespread cyberattack. Meanwhile, a Florida marketing firm demonstrates that lax security measures can be as bad as a cyberattack. (At least as far as these 230 million people are concerned, anyway.) Good thing WPA3 is here; security efforts could use a boost. Russian cyber… Read more

Wireless Design and Implementation: Enterprise Best Practices

Effective wireless network design unites the complexity of an office’s technological infrastructure with the simplicity required to integrate seamlessly with an array of devices, from corporate servers and desktop PCs to BYOD items such as tablets and smartphones. The ideal design addresses important deliverables, such as: Access point locations that serve a strong and reliable… Read more

Wireless Scalability Is In Flux … and On the Roof

Wireless networks reconfigured our world. Meeting rooms, cubicles, hotel rooms and business centers, airports, and even our homes and coffee shops assumed subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, physical changes once a wireless network was implemented. This pattern encouraged end users to develop one particular expectation: wireless everywhere, all the time. For the most part, they got… Read more

CTC’s June 2018 Threat Report

This month’s threat report starts with a cyber threat rarity: A warning from one of the nation’s most prominent agencies to reboot browsers in an effort to fend off malware linked to Russia. FBI issues stark warning Here’s what you need to know about the router assault and how to respond. WHO: The Federal Bureau of… Read more

Demystifying Wireless Site Surveys

Did you hear the one about the fellow who bought a house only to discover that it stood on his neighbor’s property? That’s not a joke; it happened. And it isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last. Such cautionary tales help convince people buying property that a land survey is a vital… Read more

Extend Your Network’s Wireless Signal in 5 Steps

You know what the queue of colleagues outside your office door means: The company’s wireless signal isn’t powerful enough to extend to everyone. Too many associates are either trapped in dead zones or congregate in the one location with sufficient signal strength. Everyone acknowledges the tight spot you’re in. But then come the pleas for… Read more

CTC’s May 2018 Threat Report

Almost $20,000. That’s how much a single bitcoin was worth at the currency’s peak valuation on December 17, 2017. You probably heard about it, since many news organizations trumpeted the rise of the cryptocurrency. The bottom fell out not too long after that. By the following February, that single bitcoin was worth $6,200. Even with… Read more

The Ultimate Guide to 802.11 Protocols and When to Use Them

History’s trash heap of obsolete networking technology grows larger each year. Multiterminal systems, minicomputers, proprietary interfaces, sure. But even items implemented a few years ago get passed by in favor of more robust and secure solutions. According to Dimension Data’s annual Network Barometer Report, 58 percent of network devices are considered current. That’s an 11-percent… Read more

CTC’s April 2018 Cybersecurity Report: Big Brand Data Breaches Continue

Over the last few weeks, the world’s most well-known companies have continued to become victims of data breaches. The frequency and scale of these incidents make security attacks as regular as the weather. Better bring your umbrella. Here’s April 2018 cybersecurity update: [24]7 Hack & Subsequent Data Breach A malware attack on software vendor [24]7… Read more

The Top Enterprise VoIP and IP Telephony Vendors of 2019

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has been a game-changing technology for companies of all sizes and industries. Not only can you save a great deal of money by not paying for landline phones, you can also take advantage of VoIP’s improved scalability, ease of installation and integration with your other business systems. In order to… Read more

Top Wireless Access Point Vendors of 2018

No two enterprises are exactly the same, which means that your network needs are likely unique from anyone else in your industry. Because of this, it is important to choose the right network configuration for your specific needs, which means choosing the right wireless access points (WAPs) and vendors for your enterprise. This need only… Read more

CTC’s March 2018 Threat Report: Annabelle & Crypto Mining Malware

It looks like ransomware will continue to be an ongoing threat in 2018 moving forward. Despite substantial multinational efforts from IT security teams worldwide, cybersecurity threats like Annabelle, cryptocurrency-mining malware, and Samas are continuing to hit enterprise companies and government organizations both here in the US and overseas. Here is March 2018’s cybersecurity and threat… Read more

Is Your Business Wi-Fi Acting Up? Check These 8 Places First

If your business wireless internet connectivity or WiFi connection isn’t working correctly, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue yourself. A slow connection or dropped signal can make it difficult to work on a computer, laptop or mobile device. However, many of the most common problems fit into eight categories of root causes, such… Read more

CTC’s Cybersecurity Threat Report – January 2018

Ransomware and security vulnerabilities continue to affect SMBs and large corporations at an alarming rate. Some experts believe that moving forward, these attacks will be more devastating and widespread. From an IT professional’s or security consultant’s standpoint, this is very concerning. As soon as a patch or solution is found to prevent one attack, it… Read more

Old Equipment, New Risks: The Danger of Outdated Devices on a Wireless Network

With the cost of new smartphones reaching nearly $1,000, it’s no wonder employees hold on to their old devices. Employees may not realize this means their devices are no longer getting security patches and are thus exposing them to risks. If your company follows a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy, which allow employees to use their own equipment,… Read more

SD-WAN Vendor Reviews: CTC’s Top 5 Choices for 2018

Switching to SD-WAN? Countless companies have made the switch from MPLS to SD-WAN, cutting network costs and increasing flexibility, control, visibility and performance. If you’re thinking about joining their ranks and shifting to broadband, it’s nice to know the benefits that come along with transitioning to SD-WAN. But, it’s even better to know which WAN… Read more

A Quick Guide on Selecting Enterprise Wireless Access Points

Over the last few years, wireless has become a core technology of business and has benefited from intense research and development in the areas of range, spectrum and hardware. Now, there are multiple vendors offering different flavors of wireless capability, making it confusing for any business to invest in a wireless solution for its enterprise…. Read more

Network Cabling Types: Choosing The Right Structured Cabling Infrastructure

Technology is moving at a fast pace. Cabling infrastructure must match your company needs. Choosing the best solution for your business in advance saves time and money. Infrastructure performs rather well for an average of ten (10) years and usually, modest cabling supports up to three (3) generations of active electronic devices. But, before you… Read more

Top 5 Zero Day Exploit Prevention Solutions of 2017-2018

There are ways to equip your organization with increased cybersecurity performance solutions—under budget and within compliance of your firm. Whether your organization focuses on database, network, cloud, mobile security, or all of them integrated together, there are precautionary steps that can be taken. Consider These Top 5 Cybersecurity Preventative Solutions: 1. CylancePROTECT® Cylance developed an… Read more

Equifax Security Breach: Could It Have Been Prevented?

Zero Day Exploitation, otherwise referred to as Zero-Day Vulnerability, is defined as a security hole in software. Unknown to the software developer vendor, this hole can then be maliciously exploited by hackers before developers have an opportunity to “patch” the attack. Zero Day attacks include infiltrating malware, spyware, or allowance of unwanted access to user… Read more

Hiring a Cisco ISE Engineer: Top Ten Questions To Ask

Managing a network that requires workers and guests to connect to routers and wireless access points at their convenience requires a multi-faceted approach. Special considerations regarding BYOD policies, endpoint protection, and quick & efficient network maintenance must be taken to sustain the continuity of your network’s integrity and performance. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is… Read more

Top 5 Qualities to Look For When Hiring An IT Consultant

What are your reasons for hiring a consultant? According to Entrepreneur, the top reasons companies bring in an outside consultant are because they: • Lack specific expertise • Need help identifying problems • Are short-staffed • Need to promote change • Need an objective point of view • Need new knowledge • Want someone to do… Read more

Why Cisco ISE is the Perfect BYOD Solution For Enterprise

BYOD isn’t an option; It’s a necessity The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices can throw a fork in the road for IT admins, especially those managing larger networks. Segmentation of your WLAN with the proper authentication protocols can be manageable for smaller networks, but what about if your network has hundreds or even thousands of… Read more

The 5 Wireless Networking Issues Every IT Pro Deals With

Nowadays, enterprise organizations rely on reliable, secure wireless networks to keep their operations going. With the advancements in wireless technology, high-availability WLANs are more common than ever. Despite this, troubleshooting WLAN issues can be a pain for IT pros. Especially network admins of mixed networks. Having worked with companies of all different sizes from a… Read more

Are Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions Like Cisco ISE Worth It?

Identifying The Need For MDM & Access/Policy Control Mobile devices aren’t just something you carry in your pocket to make calls anymore. Being mobile is a way of life. For organizations that need to keep productivity levels high, a lack of wireless access can put a dent in the way you do business. And it’s… Read more

Top Five Enterprise Network Switching Solution Providers of 2018

Who Sells the Best Network Switching Solutions for the Enterprise? Like most tech questions, this isn’t a simple one to answer. Simply browsing for enterprise switches won’t do you much good if you don’t also take into consideration your company’s infrastructure, future outlook, budget, size and more when making your final decision. Without getting into… Read more

Top Five Enterprise Router Vendors of 2018

Who Sells the Best Router for the Enterprise? Like most tech questions, this isn’t a simple one to answer. Looking at enterprise routers won’t do you much good if you don’t also take into consideration things like your company’s infrastructure, future outlook, budget, size and more. Without getting into too much detail, we’ve outlined our… Read more

Cisco 4000 Series: Pricing, Specs & Review

Cisco 4000 Series: An Overview The Cisco 4000 ISR family delivers application-aware services in the branch-office environment. These ISRs provide up to 2 Gb performance with extensive Layer 7 services, hosted internally, while maximizing OPEX savings. Perfectly suitable for the medium- to large-sized enterprise, Cisco’s 4000 family brings unmatched performance and deployment flexibility to today’s… Read more

Cisco 1921 Series ISRs for the Enterprise: Pricing, Specs & Review

Cisco 1921 Integrated Service Routers The Cisco 1921 series builds on the best-in-class offering of the Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Routers, bringing 25 years of router design experience to today’s market. Perfectly suited for branch office environments, the Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers offer embedded hardware encryption acceleration, optional firewall, intrusion prevention and the… Read more

Nimble Storage InfoSight: A Review for the Enterprise

Predictive Analytics Platform, InfoSight: Powerful & Comprehensive InfoSight works alongside Nimble’s CASL (Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout), creating a solution that utilizes intelligent data analytics to provide independently-scalable performance and capacity, optimal deployment times, scale-to-fit architecture, and matchless predictive monitoring and support. The future of data storage management is here, and it comes in the form of… Read more

What Happens if my Nimble Storage Array Disk Drive Fails?

Failures Rare With Nimble Storage Nimble Storage is our preferred vendor for many reasons, one being that failures are few and far between. Should one occur, however, customers are curious what exactly happens next. Keep in mind, we’ve had customers working with Nimble for years without experiencing an actual failure. But, we like to walk… Read more

Five Network Infrastructure Considerations For Optimal SAN Storage Security

Your Data is Always at Risk. Stay Prepared With Robust Storage Security. We think it’s important for our customers to know that not all thieves wear masks. In today’s digital landscape, enterprise data centers are at an increased risk of attack from anonymous, inconspicuous sources. To protect your sensitive data, you need to analyze, familiarize… Read more

Nimble Storage as a SAN Disaster Recovery Solution

What happens if your network fails and your IT stops working? If your company is not prepared, not only do you need to outline steps to take in case of a network failure, but you also need to become intimately knowledgeable of how your SAN storage vendor prepares for and handles unforeseen disasters. We believe… Read more

Nimble AF1000: Pricing, IOPS, Specs and Review

The Nimble Storage AF1000 Nimble’s AF1000 is the entry-level All Flash array for its Predictive Flash platform. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent data analytics to provide independently-scalable performance and capacity, optimal deployment… Read more

Nimble CS700: Pricing, IOPS, Specs & Review

The Nimble CS-Series Arrays The building blocks of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Platform, CS-Series Arrays are technologically-advanced and flexible enough to meet the demands of any business-critical applications. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent… Read more

The Economics of Enterprise SAN Storage

Enterprise IT companies are turning more to SAN Storage solutions to meet increasingly demanding deployment times and performance needs. End user experience, employee productivity and company growth depend on fully-functioning, efficient business applications. Because of this, gone are the days that companies choose infrastructure investments with a sole focus on capital and operational expenditures. IT… Read more

Nimble CS500: Pricing, IOPS, Specs & Review

The Nimble CS-Series Arrays The building blocks of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Platform, CS-Series Arrays are technologically-advanced and flexible enough to meet the demands of any business-critical applications. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™ (Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes… Read more

Nimble CS300: Pricing, IOPS, Specs & Review

The Nimble CS-Series Arrays The building blocks of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Platform, CS-Series Arrays are technologically-advanced and flexible enough to meet the demands of any business-critical applications. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent… Read more

Nimble CS235: Pricing, IOPS, Specs & Review

The Nimble CS-Series Arrays The building blocks of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Platform, CS-Series Arrays are technologically-advanced and flexible enough to meet the demands of any business-critical applications. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent… Read more

Nimble CS215: Pricing, IOPS, Specs & Review

The Nimble CS-Series Arrays The building blocks of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Platform, CS-Series Arrays are technologically-advanced and flexible enough to meet the demands of any business-critical applications. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent… Read more

Nimble CS210: Pricing, IOPS, Specs & Review

The Nimble CS-Series Arrays The building blocks of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Platform, CS-Series Arrays are technologically-advanced and flexible enough to meet the demands of any business-critical applications. This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent… Read more

Nimble Storage & VMWare: The Perfect Match

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your virtual environment – servers, apps and desktops – there is a dynamic duo in the SAN storage marketplace that you should know about. A “go-to market partnership,” Nimble Storage and VMWare have come together to create a unified, simplified infrastructure that increases efficiency, savings, delivery and… Read more

Top 2018 Enterprise SAN Storage Solutions

Looking For a New SAN Storage Solution? With so many companies moving or having already made the move to VDI, we get multiple inquiries about SAN solutions on a weekly basis. Looking at the volume of this demand, we decided to comb through our research and compile all of it into this easy-to-digest blog, featuring… Read more

Hybrid Flash vs. All-Flash Storage: Making The Right Decision

More and more vendors are offering all-flash arrays because demand is increasing and prices are dropping. This change in market landscape is leading several IT managers and professionals to question whether they should make the switch. The question here is if the increasingly-popular all-flash arrays are better than hybrid arrays, and the answer does not… Read more

Planning a Data Center Migration When Upgrading Your SAN

Data migration can be a tricky business with plenty of pain points and pitfalls along the way. If you’re not properly prepared, an IT upgrade can become cumbersome, time consuming and insecure. Combat best begins with a plan. Planning a Data Center Migration When migrating data center equipment to new facilities, whether because of merger… Read more

How SD-WAN affects Latency, Packet Loss and Jitter

Are you finding it hard to learn the truth about what SD-WAN does for latency, packet loss and jitter? If you have never worked with SD-WAN before, we’d be willing to bet that you are depending heavily on forums, blogs and reviews to investigate further before making the decision to switch to or integrate your… Read more

Evaluating VDI Storage Solutions: Five Points To Consider

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Making the Move If you, like IT professionals at numerous large companies we’ve worked with, currently want to upgrade your server-based computing system to a VDI, there are a few key tips to consider before taking on the migration. During the consideration phase, be sure to analyze each vendor’s solution with the… Read more

Finding The Right SD-WAN For Your Company Demands

Choosing an SD-WAN Vendor If your company is looking to Software-Defined WAN to support enterprise connectivity, you need to search for a vendor who offers the following base components in its solution: Leveraging various modes of connectivity (i.e. Broadband) Dynamic path selection Zero-touch, centralized provisioning system Quick ROI through reduced CAPEX and OPEX The solution you… Read more

SD-WAN Pricing: How Much Does SD-WAN Cost to Implement?

When deciding on a new IT solution, most of the project managers and IT professionals that we work with have top concerns surrounding performance, security and cost. Of course, the order of importance differs from company to company. Many of our previous posts have hit on the first two priorities, explaining how an SD-WAN solution… Read more

5 Ways to Improve Your WAN’s Throughput: Tackling Traffic Problems

Slow throughput is simply not an option for most companies in our modern, fast-paced world. Where network performance fails, user experience fails, and it only takes a few seconds of dissatisfaction for many clients to decide to take their business elsewhere. If patience is a virtue then the Internet is challenging that ideal. But, you… Read more

Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN: Which is Right for my Business?

If you need IT solutions fast, shopping around the WAN world can be full of heartache. WAN. Bam. Thank you, man. It seems like every day there are new vendors and new solutions each promising to be more desirable than the last. In fact, this industry is now booming with competition, a big change from… Read more

How SD-WAN Improves Traffic Flow and Network Performance

The idea that SD-WAN can improve the performance of your current MPLS network is a simple idea and one that has been backed with evidence from numerous companies that have made the switch. But, to understand how it improves your network performance takes a little deeper look under the software surface. Here’s the what. SD-WAN… Read more

Painless SD-WAN Migration is Possible

WAN Migration Doesn’t Have to be Scary. If the reason you haven’t taken the leap with SD-WAN is that you’ve heard horror stories about data migration, we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to fear. Top solutions in today’s market, like Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect, are designed with migration in mind, making non-disruptive… Read more

Post SD-WAN: Expectations and Management

You’ve Adopted SD-WAN. Now What? No doubt you chose to integrate with or fully switch your network to an SD-WAN solution because you wanted, and needed, to start seeing results quickly. The great thing about a software-defined WAN is that it is extremely simple to implement. Essentially, you’re only a few plugins and reboots away… Read more

SD-WAN vs. WAN Optimization: You May be Confused

SD-WAN and WAN Optimization These two terms get thrown around a lot in IT blogs, many of which declare that SD-WAN is the newest settlement on the WAN optimization frontier. The thing is, this may be a little over simplistic. WAN optimization and SD-WAN are more like two mates that play on the same team than… Read more

SD-WAN 101: Software Defined WAN For Beginners

If you couldn’t speak up about SD-WAN at your last seminar or business meeting, this is the article for you. We’ll help you go from SD-WAN dummy to genius so that you never have to mindlessly head nod again while IT gurus discuss packet loss, latency and jitter. To truly understand the in’s and out’s… Read more

4 Tips to Painlessly Transition Your WAN to SD-WAN

WAN optimization at the forefront of your company’s IT concerns? Most IT managers that our CTC Technologies experts speak with have some sort of issue with their current WAN architecture. Some of the biggest being: Performance Security Cost Latency Visibility A switch to an SD-WAN overlay is a suitable network solution that will combat many… Read more

Top 6 Things to Consider When Switching to SD-WAN

The MPLS WAN Blues If you leave the office every evening with a sad melody stuck in your head, the culprit could be your MPLS WAN. With quicker-than-ever industry shifts in technology and more businesses moving on up to the Cloud, a legacy infrastructure may not be the most efficient network setup for your company…. Read more

How Secure is Software-Defined WAN?

Scared of The Cloud? You aren’t alone. Accessing cloud applications is a top priority for several of our clients at CTC Technologies. But after using MPLS-based networks for years and keeping apps in-house in the data center, many business owners are wary of connecting to something as obscure as “the cloud” and switching over to… Read more

On Cloud 9: The Benefits of Integrating Cloud Applications with Your MPLS Network

Thinking it’s time to upgrade your current legacy infrastructure and integrate more Cloud applications? If so, you’re not alone. Cloud Computing Trends of 2016 reports that “17 percent of enterprises now have more than 1,000 VMs in public cloud, up from 13 percent in 2015 [and] private cloud showed even stronger growth with 31 percent… Read more

Silver Peak Add-ons: Orchestrator & Boost Packages

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect: A Quick Overview Unity EdgeConnect delivers an edge-to-edge experience for any combination of connectivity that, in our experience, is unparalleled in today’s market. This dynamic solution leads the industry in performance and capacity, offering 3x that of its closest competitors, and it’s extremely flexible. Customers can replace existing infrastructures in total… Read more

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect: Our Preferred SD-WAN Solution

CTC Technologies, Inc. is proud to partner with Silver Peak Systems to offer our customers its intelligent, flexible SD-WAN solution, Unity EdgeConnect. EdgeConnect delivers an edge-to-edge experience for any combination of connectivity that, in our experience, is unparalleled in today’s market. We have deployed a Silver Peak solution for companies that were looking to add… Read more

Our Preferred WAN Accelerator: Silver Peak Systems

CTC Technologies is proud to offer highly scalable WAN Accelerators from Silver Peak Systems. Let CTC Technologies help you design and install a WAN application acceleration solution today. CTC Technologies can help improve network latency response times with the complete family of Silver Peak WAN accelerators which feature robust management tools that facilitate key IT… Read more

Three Key Highlights of Palo Alto’s Next Generation Firewall

There are three unique technologies within the Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewall that enable visibility and control over applications users and content: App-IDTM, User-ID, and Content-ID. Each of the three technologies are industry firsts and are delivered in the form of a purpose-built firewall platform that helps administrators restore visibility and control. A complete set… Read more

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Silver Peak Over Riverbed

Here are a few reasons why: The Silver Peak NX series has proven performance on all WAN links from small branch offices to large data centers. Big pipes,defined as a WAN link with > 30 Mbps WAN through-put, have very different performance, management, and scalability requirements than smaller WAN connections. They involve complex QoS, security… Read more