Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage is the industry leader in flash storage solutions. Nimble’s game-changing predictive flash storage solutions allows businesses to take advantage of unprecedented performance, availability, and agility by combining predictive analytics and flash storage technology.

When it comes to data, organizations expect no less than instant, always-available access. Despite this, enterprise data architectures tend to be very complex and therefore can significantly decrease the velocity of data flow within an organization. Nimble Storage’s cutting-edge predictive flash storage solutions help fix that problem, allowing for less external dependencies, better performance, and virtually no downtime.

Key Benefits and Features of the Nimble Storage Technology

  • Consolidated storage architecture – Consolidate silos of your enterprise data into a single architecture to manage all SLA levels with unified management
  • Enterprise level strength – Enterprise strength HA, resiliency, and data protection, with virtually no downtime, plus faster RTO and more aggressive RPOs
  • Unprecedented performance levels – Scale performance independent of capacity up to 500K IOPS to meet the most demanding SLAs
  • 90 percent reduction in footprint – Reclaim up to 90 percent of your storage footprint with no compromise
  • Over 50 percent TCO savings – The average customer saves over 50 percent across capex and operating costs such as power and cooling

Nimble’s Adaptive Flash vs. Traditional Disk Storage

How does Nimble Storage help organizations achieve their IT objectives?

  • For organizations looking for a more flexible architecture, adaptive flash storage is CPU-driven, allowing for up to a 90% smaller footprint without being bound to a disk drive
  • For organizations looking to scale their performance, adaptive flash storage allows organizations to scale to 500K IOPS without adding disk drive
  • For organizations looking to scale their SLAs, adaptive flash storage allows for unified management and higher utilization, making SLA management easier

Best of all, with Nimble’s Flash Storage solutions, there is no additional hardware or software to purchase!

Predictive Analytics Meets Adaptive Flash Storage

Nimble Storage’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics technology collects data points within your data architecture to solve your system’s most complex issues. By correlating these data points together, InfoSight’s Predictive Analytics adds another layer of performance to your existing adaptive flash architecture, allowing you to reduce the app-data gap, predict issues before they happen, and ensure high availability of your data.

Nimble Storage Products & Technology We Sell

CTC Technologies is a trusted Nimble Storage partner, allowing us to get exclusive pricing so we can pass the savings onto you. Below is a list of Nimble Storage products we currently sell:

  • AF-3000/AF-5000 – The AF3000 and AF5000 are the perfect entry points for all IT organizations that require speed and economy for performance-sensitive workloads.
  • AF-7000 – The AF7000 offers high performance and attractive economics for performance-sensitive workloads that need the best blend of price/performance/scalability.
  • AF-9000 – The AF9000 is designed for consolidating multiple large-scale performance-sensitive applications with aggressive performance and high scalability demands. Nimble All Flash arrays support iSCSI and FC storage protocols.
  • Nimble Storage Flash Arrays
  • Nimble Storage InfoSight
  • Nimble Storage Unified Flash Fabric
  • Unified Flash Fabric
  • Timeless Storage
  • SmartStack Integrated Infrastructure