Silver Peak Systems

Silver Peak Systems helps enterprises and organizations flexibly and securely connect users to applications through the most cost effective source of connectivity available. Through our partnership with Silver Peak Systems, we offer Broadband WAN, Hybrid WAN, WAN Optimization, and Replication Acceleration solutions to help our customers boost the performance of their IT infrastructure.

Silver Peak Broadband WAN / Hybrid WAN

Many applications have now moved to the cloud, therefore MPLS is no longer sufficient to address today’s WAN requirements in terms of performance, speed, and reliability. With Silver Peak Systems broadband WAN solutions, organizations can now take advantage of increased speed and performance without sacrificing security – all while significantly reducing ongoing WAN costs.

Complete WAN virtualization results in less hardware overhead. Furthermore, Silver Peak Systems has designed their virtual WAN solutions to be easy to operate and manage. New sites can be provisioned without the need of a high-level IT architect. Through a centralized management platform, organizations can always get a snapshot of what is going on at any given time. Silver Peak Systems equals decreased costs, increased control, and easy deployment.

Not ready to move into a fully virtualized architecture? No problem. With Silver Peak Systems hybrid WAN solutions, organizations can augment their existing MPLS connection with broadband, and customize their WAN architecture accordingly. By working with our team of WAN optimization specialists, we can help you transition to a fully virtualized architecture at your own pace so you can take advantage of costs savings today.

We carry the following Silver Peak Systems broadband WAN and hybrid WAN products.

  • Unity EdgeConnect
  • Unity Orchestrator
  • Unity Boost

Silver Peak WAN Optimization

If you’re looking for an immediate solution to boost your network performance, look no further than our WAN optimization services supported by Silver Peak Systems hardware. Silver Peak Systems WAN optimization hardware supports both virtual and non-virtual networks, helping you accelerate your application and network performance while lowering ongoing WAN costs.

Silver Peak Systems WAN optimization appliances are the industry’s only multi-gigabit solution designed to run on every major hypervisor, making Silver Peak the leading provider by far. This makes Silver Peak the smartest choice of branch offices and data centers alike.

Looking to run your WAN optimization solution in the cloud? Silver Peak Systems can do that, too. Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization appliances can be deployed within IaaS offerings from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air, allowing for easy WAN optimization deployment in the cloud.

We offer the following Silver Peak Systems WAN Optimization products:

  • NX Physical Appliances
  • VX Virtual Appliances
  • GMS

Replication Acceleration

Silver Peak’s Replication Acceleration solutions allow organizations to replicate faster over distance and shrink recovery point objectives, making it the choice solution for enterprise-level storage professionals. Silver Peak’s Replication Acceleration combines simplified deployment methods and WAN acceleration technology to deliver faster remote replication, allowing organizations to move data over longer distances and to overcome the challenges of limited bandwidth, latency, and poor link quality.

We offer the following Silver Peak Systems Replication Acceleration products:

  • NX Appliances
  • VRX Virtual Appliances