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Maxta Hyperconvergence

Maxta IT Partner Page Maxta stands out among hyperconvergence vendors by eliminating common roadblocks standing in the way to adoption, such as vendor lock-in and the dreaded upgrade tax. Maxta serves many high profile clients, including the United States Air Force and American Fidelity. The company’s Hyperconvergence Software does not require a certain appliance or… Read more


Savvius CTC Technologies offers Savvius solutions to enhance your network performance. When you discuss your enterprise technology needs with our team, we will take the time to help you figure out how Savvius networking solutions can fit into your company strategy. When you need to significantly improve your network performance, CTC Technologies is ready to… Read more


Microsoft CTC Technologies is an authorized Microsoft reseller. Whenever you need a helping hand in setting up and maintaining a Microsoft solution, you can get in touch with CTC Technologies. We offer Microsoft solutions to meet your enterprise software needs. Wherever you are in the world, CTC Technologies is ready to plan and deploy a… Read more


HPE CTC Technologies offers HPE solutions to enhance your wireless networking and other capabilities. When you discuss your business needs with us, we will help you figure out how HPE solutions can fit into your company strategy. Wherever your small or large enterprise are located in the world, CTC Technologies is ready to help you… Read more


NVIDIA DIGITS The NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS™) puts the power of deep learning in the hands of data scientists and researchers. DIGITS lets you quickly design the best neural network for medical imaging, helping with classification, detection, or segmentation. Contact us about NVIDIA DIGITS NVIDIA DGX Building a platform for deep learning… Read more

Digital Guardian

Digitial Guardian helps your company with Endpoint Visibility and Control solutions that fit your needs. Data Visibility and Control Visibility of data access and system activity Record and audit significant events Data operations & classification of PII, PHI and PCI Device Control for removable media Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Automated classification of data – context,… Read more