Retail Case Study – Mist Networks

“The Shopping Centre” is a landmark $1.05 billion, 4.9-million square- foot property, known for its innovation and design. It is run by one of the top international real estate developers.

Key to this directive is a robust wireless network at The Shopping Centre. Employees and guests expect a reliable high performing Wi-Fi service when on the property; Retailers
want to interact with mobile users using location-based services, like way finding and proximity messaging, and they want accurate information with respect to customer visits
and dwell times; And all the stakeholders require detailed analytics on traffic patterns.
To achieve all of the above, The Shopping Centre turned to Mist.

Mist built the first learning WLAN, designed specifically for the smart device era. Mist Access Points work in conjunction with a purpose-built Mist cloud to give unprecedented
performance and insights into the wireless user experience.