Business Phone Systems


CTC Technologies is metro Detroit and Ann Arbor’s top choice for companies looking to replace, upgrade or install a brand new business phone system. We understand that a reliable telecommunications infrastructure is a critical pillar to keeping your business operations flowing. That’s why we take the utmost care and consideration while planning, implementing, and supporting your organization’s phone system.

We routinely work with businesses that have as few as a few dozen seats to enterprise-level organizations that have over 500 seats. Although we recommend VoIP-based phone systems for most business, we can still accommodate communication infrastructures that utilize traditional phone systems or hybrid phone systems.

Below is a list of business phone systems that we typically install, repair, and support the following:

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems are today’s gold standard in enterprise-level communication. We have helped many businesses seamlessly transition away from traditional landline systems. Also, we have experience in moving clients from On-Premise PBX to Hosted PBX, and vice-versa.

If you’re building out a new VoIP phone system, our communications architects can guide you through the process of selecting the right configuration based on your budget and infrastructure. If you’re upgrading your existing phone systems and would like to take the lead, we can also work with you as more of a silent partner to help with hardware/software procurement and installation.

Landline Phone Systems

With the popularity of VoIP phone systems, traditional landline systems are being phased out in many organizations. Despite this, many larger companies still use legacy systems. Regardless, if you’re looking to replace or upgrade an obsolete phone system or transition into a hybrid phone system, CTC Technologies can help.

Hybrid Phone systems

Hybrid Phone Systems are known for their flexibility and ability to support various phone technologies and application scenarios. They also allow a very smooth transition from traditional landline technology to Voice over IP technology. The capacity to use VoIP and conventional telephony in parallel is a major reason why many of our clients choose Hybrid Phone Systems.

On-Premises PBX Systems

On-Premises Systems require PBX hardware to be housed within your business. By working with a telecommunications architect from our, we can help you weigh out your options when deciding on what hardware to use and how to configure your On-Premises phone system. Having one of our telecommunications experts put together quotes for different vendors and solutions can save you time on your end so you can focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

In addition to designing On-Premises VoIP systems, we can also help you train your team on the proper management of your new PBX hardware. If internal IT resources are limited, we can even jump in and help with critical maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Hosted PBX Systems

Hosted PBX phone systems rely on an external provider to house and operate the technology needed to run your telephone communications. Unlike On-Premises systems, there is no PBX hardware that needs to be housed internally, making your upfront costs substantially lower. The only thing you would be responsible for is the IP phones themselves.

For businesses looking to implement a Hosted PBX solution, our close relationships with vendors allow us to get you the best deal possible on your hardware and ongoing costs. When it comes time to scope out a solution, we pull multiple quotes from the following vendors to help you make sure you’re getting the optimal solution for your required budget.