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Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for your structured cabling and network cabling solutions in Warren, MI.

The #1 Choice For Network Cabling Services In Warren, MI

We will make sure your network is equipped with the wiring and cabling it needs, to make sure it doesn’t go down at the most important times.

CTC Technologies Is Here For Your Technological Needs!

Has your network recently gone down at your place of work? Are you looking for a trustworthy company that can aid your technology needs to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Then it is time to call CTC Technologies today!

We will make sure you don’t suffer at the hands of technology. We will make sure your business isn’t the result of loss of productivity and business opportunities.

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Professionals With Years Of Experience

When it comes to trying to deal with networks and strictured cabling for your business, you need a team of professionals. Luckily for you, our team at CTC Technologies has years of experience behind them when dealing with these sorts of problems. 

Variety Of Network Cabling Services

Our wide range of network cabling services include:

  • Cat5e Network Cabling – better for smaller businesses. Perfect cost-effective solution providing you with a reliable connection.
  • Cat7 Network Cabling – designed for Gigabit Ethernet and can offer speeds up to 600MHz.
  • Cat 6 Network Cabling – For organizations that require high bandwidth and high density, this is the solution for you. Provides faster speeds
  • Fiber Network Cabling – Offered in multi and single-mode fiber-optic connections.
  • LAN Cabling 
  • Data Drops – get connectivity to almost everywhere in your organization. 
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Wireless (WiFi)
  • Gigabit Networks

Through the wide range of network cabling services we provide, the chances are what you want done CTC will be able to do for you.

How We Work

1. Contact Us

Give us a call and we will evaluate your needs and the layout of your facility.

2. Our Plan

After visiting you, we will provide you with an expert plan that will deliver the solutions you need for your company.

3. The Work Is Done

After you are happy with the plan, we will carry out our plan and the work will be done!

We Are Your First Choice For Network Cabling In Warren, MI

CTC Technologies has over 50 years of combined industry knowledge and skill behind them. Additionally, we have Fortune 500 corporations, state and federal agencies, and prime defense contractors who choose CTC as their trusted partner for all their IT consulting and implementation needs.

Our business specializes in network and IT infrastructure, network security, secure mobility, wireless security, and data center infrastructure. 

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

The price of our service will provide on the network cabling your company or organization needs. By contacting us today, we will be able to talk through your needs you. Then we can visit your facility and determine the work that needs to be done. After that, we can determine the price of the service for you.

Get The Best Network Cabling For Your Business Today!

We are your number one choice for network cabling in Warren, MI.

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