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Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for your structured cabling and network cabling solutions in Troy, MI.

Network Cabling and Structured Cabling in Troy, MI

The Top Choice for Network Cabling Services in Troy

When your network goes down at your place of business, that can result in a loss of productivity and business opportunities. Investing in a network cabling that you can rely on is essential to increasing your revenue and not losing out on potential customers. 

CTC Technologies is equipped to handle your network wiring and cabling needs in the Troy area. We partner with our clients, working directly with them to design and implement network cabling systems that fit in perfectly with their organization’s layout. 

All of your internal and external communication needs will be met with the custom-made solutions provided by CTC Technologies. No matter how the future of network cabling changes, our solutions are guaranteed to stay efficient and reliable for many years to come. 

Our Network Cabling Services in Troy Include:

Cat5e Network Cabling

For businesses on the smaller size, Cat5e cabling is the perfect cost-effective solution that’ll provide you with trustworthy connectivity at an affordable rate. 

Cat7 Network Cabling

This cabling is designed for Gigabit Ethernet and can offer speeds up to 600MHz. 

Cat 6 Network Cabling

This is a solid option to support faster ethernet and higher speeds. For organizations that require high bandwidth and high density, this is the solution for you. 

Fiber Network Cabling

Our team is experts in multi and single-mode fiber optic connections at affordable prices. 

Server Rack Installation

Don’t worry about having a chaotic server room at your location. We’ll efficiently patch, label, and organize all of the cables in your server room. 

LAN Cabling

A foundational requirement of reliable network infrastructure is LAN cabling. We’ll ensure that it’s installed according to industry standards. 

Data Drops

Our data drops are affordable, timely, and on budget. Get connectivity to almost anywhere in your organization. 

Network Design and Installation

A solid network design process is the first step in the process. We’ll guide your installation from start to finish. 

Wireless (WiFi)

More organizations and devices rely on wireless networking protocols. We’ll create a plan that addresses ideal access point placement and cabling infrastructures to ensure your facility is covered. 

Gigabit Networks

Bandwidth requirements advance as technology for your business does as well. Our team will provide you with professional solutions so your business processes can move along without any downtime. 

Why Choose CTC Technologies 

When it comes to network and structured cabling, you need a team of professionals with years of experience to handle the project for you. That’s why countless businesses in the Troy area trust CTC Technologies for their network cabling and installation needs. 

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