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Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for network refresh services in Sterling Heights, MI.

Did you know that companies lose billions of dollars annually to unexpected IT downtime? Don’t be the company that waits until your network hardware dies before you refresh your system. This can be very dangerous.

With the general attention span in the world down to 8 seconds, it is getting increasingly important to optimize your network for speed. Customers expect wireless speed and availability, as well as a faster WiFi standard. To meet up with these expectations, a network refresh is a viable solution.

Outdated networks are vulnerable to attack. They were not designed to support the workforce of today, the speed of systems, or the Internet of Things. Therefore, they are susceptible to crashing. This is why a network upgrade is very important. A network upgrade provides fewer chances of failure for your systems. It also gives you more access to a more robust, scalable network for future growth.

Upgrading Your Network: A Step in the Right Direction for Recent Systems

Is your networking equipment still functioning within its useful life? According to research, networking equipment has a functional life span of between three to five years. Even when certain components of your network infrastructures are still functional, older technology could prevent proper syncing between your network and new VoIP technologies.

Here are some benefits of getting a network upgrade;

  • With a more reliable network connection, productivity within and outside the workplace will be enhanced.
  • You can avoid costly delays that can distort your routine and cause further destruction in your workplace.
  • Your business can run faster and smoother, helping you meet up with customers’ demands and thereby strengthening their loyalty to your brand.
  • A network refresh can boost your security. Updated networks are less susceptible to threats.
  • An infrastructure upgrade will provide improved scalability for easier, more streamlined future growth.

When Is It Time to Refresh Your Network?

Wondering if it is time to refresh your network? Here are some tell-tale signs that you should not ignore;

  • You notice a substantial decrease in the overall network performance: When your network infrastructure cannot keep up with the pace at which they are required, then you might need an upgrade.
  • Your network infrastructure does not meet up with security standards: If your systems are not fortified to withstand the latest attack, then your systems are at risk. Outdated systems are not compatible with the latest security updates. Therefore, you might need a network refresh before installing recent security software in your infrastructure.
  • You keep getting complaints about a lagging network.

Get Reliable Network Refresh Services in Michigan

Our experts at CTC Technologies provide top-quality network refresh services in Sterling Heights, Michigan. When you choose us, we will give you the best service. We ensure that old assets and outdated network infrastructure do not come in the way of your business’s success and growth.

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