Low Voltage Cabling


Low voltage cabling is a crucial component of a reliable, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure. Fortify your company’s “nervous system” with CTC Technologies.

Low voltage cabling is the design and installation of infrastructure cabling that enables data, video, and voice systems. It represents the nervous system of an organization’s network. It is also a crucial component of a reliable, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure.

Trust CTC Technologies to:

  • Install and certify CAT 5e, CAT6, and CAT 6a
  • Cable all infrastructure, including data centers, telephone systems, networks, and surveillance systems
  • Produce network designs for cabling systems, LAN, and reverse LAN
  • Conduct wireless installs for LAN and WAN applications
  • Modify existing installations (moving, adding, and changing cabling and related hardware)
  • Provide surge protection for power lines

The Low Voltage Cabling Process

CTC Technologies’ three-stage low voltage cabling process is straightforward but effective.

Stage 1: Low Voltage Cabling Consultation

Our low voltage cabling services begin with a guided discussion. Topics covered include:

  • Your organization’s business needs
  • Pertinent issues related to the site environment
  • Project timeline and schedule

Stage 2: Low Voltage Cabling Implementation

For this stage, we handle all project management tasks. That includes assuming responsibility for the project’s planning, coordination, and execution.

Since CTC Technologies owns this part of the effort, your team is free to address other important matters.

Stage 3: Low Voltage Cabling Testing

For this stage, we conduct a thorough quality control audit of all deliverables (including cabling test results).

This audit helps ensure that our low voltage cabling efforts fulfill your organization’s requirements and gives you a solid foundation of success.

CTC Technologies conducts its work in strict accordance with:

  • BICSI structured cabling methods
  • NEC and IEC codes
  • TIA/EIA structured cabling standards

High-Powered Results on Low Voltage Cabling from CTC Technologies

CTC Technologies provides reliable design, installation, and support for the full range of low voltage cabling solutions.

We take great pride in identifying top IT solutions for businesses at every stage of their growth. Let us show you why on your upcoming low voltage cabling project. Simply contact us today!