Network Cabling and Structured Cabling in Sterling Heights, MI


Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for your structured cabling and network cabling solutions in Sterling Heights, MI.

Network Cabling and Structured Cabling in Sterling Heights, MI

Ensure Your Organization Doesn’t Experience Any Downtime. Trust Our Structured Cabling and Network Cabling Solutions in Sterling Heights, MI.

Sterling Heights Leading Choice for Network Cabling Solutions

Network downtime can result in a loss of opportunities for your business. It can also decrease the productivity of your employees.

Your business relies on your network. It’s important to invest in reliable network and structured cabling solutions.

Our specialists at CTC Technologies have the skills and expertise to handle your network wiring and cabling needs. We work with our clients to create and execute efficient cabling systems. Our solutions are custom-designed to fit your needs.

Don’t worry about network downtime when you partner with CTC Technologies. Our solutions will improve the efficiency of your organization’s network.

Comprehensive Network and Structured Cabling Services

Cat5e Network Cabling

Cat5e network cabling is low-voltage cabling. It’s great for data transfer speeds of 1Gbps to 100MHz.

Our cabling solutions can accommodate up to 328 feet. Cat5e is an ideal solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s also great if you don’t have intensive data transfer requirements.

Cat6 Network Cabling

Cat6 network cabling requires a twisted pair of cabling designed for Ethernet. It’s completely backward-compatible with lower category standards of Category 3, 5, and 5e. Cat6 network cabling is great for high-bandwidth organizations.

Cat7 Network Cabling

Cat7 is designed to cable Gigabit Ethernet. It can provide you with up to 600MHz.

LAN Cabling

Our cabling specialists can install Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure for your organization.

Fiber Network Cabling

Fiber network cabling is ideal for high-performance and long-distance data and telecommunication networking.

Server Rack Installation

Avoid a disorganized server room. We’ll properly label and install your network cabling.

Network Design and Installation

Our specialists will design and install a network that meets your needs and goals.

Wireless (WiFi) Installation

Support your employees’ and customers’ devices with a reliable WiFi connection

Data Drops

Kiss downtimes goodbye with our timely data drop solutions.

Gigabit Network Cabling

We understand that your business’s needs and goals might change over time. We’ll provide you with continual Gigabit network cabling solutions. Your business’s workflow can stay uninterrupted.

Why CTC Technologies is the Top Company in Sterling Heights, MI

Partner with an experienced company for your network and structured cabling solutions. That’s where CTC Technologies comes in.

Our specialists have years of experience evaluating an organization’s cabling needs. We ensure that our customers receive exceptional installation and consulting services.

Our team also understands that each company has unique needs. We don’t offer our clients a “one size fits all” approach. We take the time to get to know our clients, providing them with personalized service.

Partner With Us for Structured Cabling and Network Cabling in Sterling Heights, MI

Trying to figure out your network cabling needs can be an overwhelming task. Contact CTC Technologies to speak with one of our cabling specialists. We’ll complete your project efficiently and quickly.