Cabling & Structured Cabling in Dearborn, MI


Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for your structured cabling and network cabling solutions in Dearborn, MI.

Network Cabling & Structured Cabling in Dearborn, MI

Say goodbye to network downtimes with reliable network cabling solutions in Dearborn, MI.

Dearborn’s #1 Network Cabling Services

Is downtime disrupting your workflow and leading to a loss of business opportunities?

You need to invest in reliable network cabling to boost your company’s bottom line. At CTC Technologies, we handle all your network cabling and wiring needs in Dearborn, MI. We work closely with our clients to develop and deploy cabling systems suited for the layout of their organizations.

With our custom-made network cabling solutions, the internal and external communication needs of your Dearborn-based business will be met consistently. Our cable installation is future-proof to guarantee efficiency in the long haul.

Our Dearborn Network Cabling Services Include:

Cat6 Network Cabling

This involves a twisted pair cabling for Ethernet that’s fully backward-compatible with lower category standards of Category 5, 5e, and 3. It’s recommended for high-bandwidth premises.

Cat7 Network Cabling

Offering up to 600MHz, Cat7 is built to cable Gigabit Ethernet.

Cat5e Network Cabling

This is low-voltage cabling that supports data transfer speeds of up to 1Gbps at 100MHz up to 328 feet. It’s recommended for small and medium businesses with non-intensive data transfer needs.

Fiber Network Cabling

This cabling solution is suitable for long-distance, high-performance telecommunication and data networking.

LAN Cabling

Our technicians install Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure as per industry standards.

Server Rack Installation

We help you avoid the problems that come with disorganized server room cabling by properly installing and labeling the wires.

Network Design and Installation

Through our superior network design, we help our clients achieve proper network architecture for streamlined processes.

Data Drops

Our timely data drops services will accord your business connectivity to almost anywhere. Say goodbye to downtimes.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Installation

With strong Wi-Fi connectivity, your business can support multiple devices without lagging.

Gigabit Network Cabling

As the bandwidth requirements of your business grow, you can count on us to provide you with professional Gigabit network cabling solutions for undisrupted business processes.

Why Choose Our Network Cabling Services in Dearborn?

When it comes to network cabling, the last thing you want to do is install the infrastructure yourself. Doing so might result in improper handling, causing permanent damage to your systems. This will, in turn, lead to expensive network downtimes at crucial moments. Always seek the services of trained and experienced network cabling professionals.

Here’s why businesses in Dearborn trust CTC Technologies for all their network cabling and installation needs:

Reliable Network Cabling System

Our dedicated technicians are highly-knowledgeable and skilled in various network cabling solutions. We guarantee top-notch cabling and installation that won’t result in downtime later on.

Custom-Designed Cabling Infrastructure

We understand that every business has distinctive needs. And this is why we’ll design and install structured cabling solutions that solve your business’ unique network needs.

Need Reliable Network Cabling in Dearborn, MI? Give Us a Call!

Network infrastructure and cabling is never an easy task. At CTC Technologies, we take the stress out of your cabling project. Our knowledgeable cabling technicians will complete your project fast and efficiently.


Our Cabling and Infrastructure solutions help IT management sleep easier at night, giving them the peace of mind that their project will be properly integrated into their IT infrastructure. Want to join our list of customers who are ready to begin their Cabling and Infrastructure project? Reach out to one of our sales engineers today and learn how we can plan your next Cabling and Infrastructure project.