Wireless Networking and Site Surveys in Dearborn, Michigan


Whether you have an existing wireless network that needs to be analyzed or you're planning for a new wireless network installation, CTC Technologies can perform a wireless site survey in Dearborn, Michigan.

Wireless Networking and Site Surveys in Dearborn Michigan

Whether you are in the process of analyzing an existing website or creating a new wireless network, site surveys in Dearborn, Michigan are ideal solutions.

It is vital for the operations of your organization to run smoothly and efficiently at all times. To achieve this, your wireless networking in Dearborn, Michigan plays a major role in business operations. This is because it is often up to 71 percent responsible for business communications. And, it is also essential for your infrastructure to be able to handle your business’s specific demands, today and in the future.

Signs You May Need Wireless Site Surveys in Dearborn

Wi-Fi surveys in Dearborn, are essential to the wireless network design and planning processes of your system. They can also be helpful in solving ongoing issues, affecting reliability and performance.

A wireless website survey in Dearborn can help address the following:

  • Issues with network traffic and network capabilities.
  • Inconsistent connections that cause your wireless network to experience downtime in certain locations?
  • Uncertainty about ensuring your existing wireless network offers high reliability and performance. Also that it is fit to serve its purpose and how to scale it.
  • How to design and plan a new wi-fi network while considering important factors. These include the number of devices, the size of premises, current infrastructure, required coverage, and building interference and construction.

Wireless Site Survey Benefits

From retail environments to corporate enterprises, wireless rules when it comes to business. To get the best benefits for your business that a wireless network has to offer, your network must provide consistent performance.

A wireless site survey provides your business with the following benefits:

  • Ensures you have an adequate amount of bandwidth to meet both your business and your customer’s needs.
  • Minimizes both direct and indirect business costs.
  • Ensures your wireless network can meet your business security requirements.

How Our Consultation and Wireless Site Survey is Conducted

CTC Technologies believes that wireless site surveys are crucial to installing business systems. They are also an important prefetch to enhance your network. Thus, this is why our team considers every factor when crafting your survey. Our qualified survey engineers complete a comprehensive analysis of your business. We tailor your survey based on our findings.
Our surveys often include:

  • Analysis of wireless coverage and network connectivity. Followed by recommendations on configuring your wireless access points.
  • A thorough wireless network examination and a report from our experts. This report details recommendations on how to improve performance and connectivity.
  • Ways to avoid unnecessary upgrades or changes to the infrastructure.
  • How to reduce installation costs.
  • Utilizing industry-leading tools such as Savvius Omnipliance and Ekahau Site Survey. Delivering visual and data-driven insights into what’s taking place in your network.

Locate and Resolve Issues with Your WI-FI in Dearborn, MI

Get more information about how to arrange a wireless website survey as well as the many benefits it offers your organization. Reach out to us today!

We create customized wireless site surveys in Dearborn, Michigan based on your business needs. and would be happy to schedule a consultation at a time convenient for you.