Cloud Security


We help organizations safely and security integrate cloud-based applications into their existing IT infrastructure while protecting their data and minimizing security vulnerabilities.

Cloud-based applications, also referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, are commonplace in today’s enterprise world. For example, applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box provide ways for businesses to quickly and easily provision data storage and file sharing infrastructures.

The Data Is Yours, The Application & Infrastructure Isn’t

Traditionally, organizations operated in environments they had full ownership of their applications, data, and infrastructures. In today’s cloud-based environment, however, many organizations that utilize SaaS applications that run in the cloud still own their data, but do not own their applications and infrastructures.

This paradigm shift of technological operations requires organizations to think differently about how they approach security. Specific cloud-based security initiatives are now a requirement for organizations who choose to run their businesses in the cloud.

How We Help Protect Your Cloud

Protecting your business data in the cloud requires a multi-pronged approach. The first step is to ensure that you have the right security infrastructure in place to secure your cloud data. The second step is to analyze your cloud data and how it is being used. The final step is to create a permissions and usage policy that upholds your security objectives.

  • Dig deep into your cloud apps – We will explore your entire Saas infrastructure and deeply examine your business-critical cloud applications
  • Analyze your cloud data & how it is being used – After we identify what applications are being used, we will analyze how your data is being shared. Your data permissions policy is often the first place we will start
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and prevent them – After analyzing your permissions and data usage, we’ll programmatically identify potential data leakage points and security risks, then implement an automated plan to help you address these issues

Ensuring that you have the correct IT resources to help you implement a cloud security solution is the glue that ties this multi-pronged approach together. That is where our team of experienced security engineers can help. We can assist you in putting together a comprehensive cloud security plan that meets your budget, goals, and technical requirements, then execute it according to the industry’s highest standards.

Reach out to us for more information about our cloud security services.

Examples of Common Cloud Security Issues In Enterprise Environments

Sometimes simple mistakes can wreak havoc on your business processes and security. Below are common cloud security issues that we can help you address:

  • Safe sharing of financial and other business-sensitive documents within cloud storage applications
  • Active monitoring and remediation of malicious files living in your cloud applications
  • Prevention of accidental sharing of malicious or business-sensitive files

By leveraging industry-leading software that utilizes APIs from all of the major SaaS providers, we can help you protect your data so you can safely run your business in the cloud.