IT Security Solutions


We specialize in helping metro Detroit & Ann Arbor companies as well as corporations nationwide to keep their networks secure from outside threats.

When it comes to protecting businesses in the metro Detroit, MI and Ann Arbor, MI areas, the scope of cybersecurity threats is staggering. In fact, some studies find cyber attackers creating malware at the rate of 250,000 new programs every day. There’s risk from malware that attempts to steal data, and malware that locks up your data and holds it for ransom. Insiders create a constant risk of data loss through ignorance or maliciousness. There are even threats that take advantage of the core hardware chips within the majority of all modern computers.

Dealing with these threats requires a comprehensive security program. CTC Technologies offers a full suite of services to help local Michigan companies guard against cybersecurity threats.

  • Network Security Assessment. Taking the proper steps to protect yourself depends on having a correct understanding of your vulnerabilities. Our network security assessment helps you identify and prioritize the risks you face, allowing you to design and implement effective protective measures.
  • Complete Security Monitoring. Recognizing an attack as soon as it occurs is the key to minimizing exposure. Complete security monitoring keeps an eye on your network and traffic to identify dangerous malware and abnormal patterns of access, enabling a rapid response that minimizes loss.
  • Firewall & Network Security. Configure your firewall, intrusion detection software and other network security to shut down access through unneeded ports and services. With your network configured for security, firewalls and other defensive software, you can effectively restrict and block malware from penetrating your network.
  • Data Loss Prevention. Sensitive data that slips beyond your network boundary can be the result of malware, or else employees using email or unapproved cloud services to share files with vendors and partners. Use data loss prevention software to scan files before they leave your network, thereby identifying sensitive data and preventing exposure.
  • Endpoint & Mobile Prevention. Employees no longer work on desktop computers alone, which means their laptops, tablets and mobile phones all introduce new risks. Create a “bring your own device” policy, and use appropriate mobile device management and enterprise mobility management to bring employee devices under control.

Protect your critical data by implementing cyber security solutions from CTC Technologies. Contact our expert team to evaluate your vulnerabilities, and let us design an effective cybersecurity strategy to protect your network, applications, and data.