Endpoint Security


Cyberattacks are on the rise. Malicious attacks and security vulnerabilities still continue to plague organizations of all sizes - even when they have existing security protocols in place. Because of this, we’ve decided to take a new approach to endpoint security by attacking the root of cybersecurity at its core.

With all of the endpoint security solutions on the market, the question must be asked, “How are cyberattacks still on the rise?” The answer: malware and exploits are evolving in ways that evade the traditional protection paradigm of current endpoint security solutions on the market. Until now.

Solving The Old Endpoint Security Problem With An New Approach

The fact is that no organization, regardless of how many resources they have invested into their network & data security, can control the evolutionary pace of cyberattacks. There will always be hackers out there who are dedicated to breaking and beating the latest encryption techniques, port protection protocols, or firewall standards.

Furthermore, the traditional protection paradigm relies on prevention and remediation. That is fine except for one thing: once an exploit hits remediation status, that means that it has already entered your network. Which also bears the question, “How long has this exploit been in my system?”

That is why at CTC Technologies, we are protecting our clients by implementing smarter endpoint security system design executed by our team of experienced security engineers, supported by the industry-leading Cisco AMP and Palo Alto Traps software.

How Our Endpoint Security Solutions Work With Cisco AMP & Palo Alto Traps

Implementing a bulletproof endpoint security solution requires the proper planning and experience to execute. And believe us: we’ve seen it all. That is why we’ve taken a new approach to stopping cyberattacks in their tracks by implementing a three-fold solution:

  • Mitigation of exploits – Our endpoint security solutions focus on identifying the core techniques leveraged by exploits in advanced cyberattacks. We then break these exploit sequences once they are identified.
  • Prevention of malicious executables – We add another layer to your endpoint security by implementing policy-based in conjuction with rapid analysis of executables to stop them before they run
  • Lightweight & comprehensive – Our endpoint solutions do not perform system scans or rely on signature updates. This ensures minimal impact to your business processes while still offer the security and peace of mind your organization needs.

The key here is that our endpoint solutions stop malicious programs and exploits in their tracks by attacking them at their core, even if they have slipped through your traditional security systems.