Mobile Security


Adopting mobility in your business empowers employees to take care of their work anytime and anywhere. This flexibility, however, does come with potential risks. What happens when your employees leave your network? Does your organization’s BYOD and security policies protect your IT infrastructure from potentially compromised mobile endpoints? If the answer is “no”, we have a solution for you.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for businesses to adopt BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. BYOD policies allow employees to utilize their own laptops, smartphones, or tablets for work purposes. If these mobile devices stay connected to your organization’s network and never connect to any networks outside of it, then it is possible to continue to enforce your mobile security policies.

However, if your employees leave your network, their mobile devices are no longer protected by your organization’s security policies. This creates a security vulnerability for your organization. Compromised mobile endpoints that re-enter your network could cause major problems for your IT infrastructure.

Our Mobile Security Solutions Created An Added Layer of Protection

As a part of our BYOD services, we can help you analyze your mobility usage and suggest the best mobile security plan to fit your organization’s budget, business goals, and technical requirements. Most of our customers would benefit from our featured mobile security solution called GlobalProtect, by Palo Alto Networks.

GlobalProtect allows organizations to continue to enforce their security policies while their employees travel, even if they are off the organization’s network. This state-of-the-art mobile security solution also enables businesses to maintain control and visibility of all application traffic. With a CTC-designed implementation of Palo Alto Network’s GlobalProtect, your IT and security team can gain peace of mind knowing that all mobile endpoints will stay protected, even when your employees are on the go.


How Do Our Mobile Security Solutions Work?

Our custom designed mobile security solutions feature GlobalProtect. GlobalProtect works by establishing a connection to your next-generation firewall by operating as an Internet gateway, enabling it to fully enforce your security policy. Based on your location, and whether your organization uses physical or virtual firewalls, GlobalProtect will then automatically select which firewall to connect to uphold optimal performance.

Our mobile security solutions also utilize user and device level identification as a basis for your organization’s security policies, unlike traditional security solutions that utilize IP addresses. This enables your to maintain granular control of your mobile security policy.

Our mobile security solutions are suitable for organizations that are worried about the following common threats:

  • Internet Threats – Our mobile security solutions allow organizations to benefit from cloud-based malware analysis, URL filtering, and on-going threat prevention.
  • Cloud-based Threats – If your organization uses cloud-based applications, our mobile security platform will help you enforce your SaaS access policies. Our platform prevents unauthorized cloud access, helping you keep your SaaS data safe and secure
  • Credential Theft – Our mobile security platform requires industry-standard authorization to access your firewall through the Internet Gateway, then actively protects your mobile users from phishing sites and credential theft malware.