Cloud Storage


Cloud Storage in enterprise applications has gained much popularity in recent years due to the benefits of decreased operating expenses, reduced capital investment, and increased performance and scalability. But with so many cloud storage solutions on the market, which one is right for your organization?

Whether it’s launching a private cloud or augmenting your existing data center with a public cloud implementation, the overall goals of all organizations remain the same when it comes to deploying a cloud storage solution: reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Your Organization Deserves A High Performance Cloud Storage Solution

Chances are, if your organization is looking to implement a cloud storage solution, then big data will be playing a critical role in your business processes. This means that your next cloud storage solution needs to be able to keep up with the pace of your future growth. That’s where our CTC-designed cloud storage solutions backed by Nimble Storage come in.

Our cloud storage solutions utilize Nimble’s flash-optimized hybrid storage arrays, allowing you to take advantage of the performance of flash, mixed with the favorable economics of high-capacity disk drives. This brilliantly engineered mix of data storage capabilities allow our cloud storage customers to take advantage of the following major benefits:

  • High performance – Experience faster response times with a smaller data center footprint
    Increased Efficiency – Nimble’s CASL (Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) architecture allows our cloud storage solutions to serve more data while using less space
  • Scale on Demand – Non-disruptively grow your cloud storage solution’s capacity and performance
  • Built In Data Protection and Disaster Recovery – Nimble’s CASL architecture has takes snapshots of your data at regular intervals, allowing for easy point-in-time backup and data restoration
  • Simplified Storage Management – Get a top-down view of your performance, network availability, and storage capacity, complete with built-in proactive monitoring and management capabilities