Backup & Recovery


When it comes to your organization’s business-critical data and applications, a data backup and recovery plan needs to be in place. What’s the only thing better than a documented disaster recovery plan? One that’s already built into your data or cloud storage solution.

At CTC Technologies, we’ve partnered with Nimble Storage to offer high performance, cost effective enterprise data storage solutions and enterprise cloud storage solutions. In addition to all of the great benefits that our data solutions offer, we also have backup and disaster recovery solutions integrated into every one of our Nimble-storage backed systems. Now, you get blazing fast speed, reduced operating costs, and peace of mind knowing your data and applications are safe in your data center or cloud.


Streamlined Data Protection That’s Built Into Our Data Storage Solutions

Our data storage solutions utilize point-in-time array snapshots, allowing you to protect your valuable business data in the storage system itself. This unique architecture reduces the load on your server, network, and storage resources. Paired with Nimble’s predictive analytics platform, you’ll get a second set of eyes keeping a keen watch on your data, with proactive alerts delivered at the sight of any data anomaly.

Overall, our customers get the following benefits from our data protection features:

  • Instant data backups and quick restore times
  • More efficient server and network utilization
  • Streamlined management with a full suite of tools and predictive analytics
  • Deep integration with VMware vCenter and Microsoft VSS


Protect Your Data Assets With Integrated Disaster Recovery

Our Nimble Storage-backed storage solutions allow our customers to easily replicate volumes to a remote array at a recovery site. This happens through the efficient transferring of blocks of snapshot data with no additional hardware or software dependencies. With no additional hardware or software licenses to handle, and streamlined volume replication, our built-in disaster recovery feature makes this crucial task fast and easy to manage.

With our disaster recovery services built into our Nimble cloud storage and data storage solutions, your organization can expect to:

  • Maintain business continuity
  • Easily monitor disaster recovery operations across multiple sites
  • Take advantage of simplified execution, testing and recovery