Wireless & Wi-Fi Site Surveys and Audits in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Whether you have an existing wireless network that needs to be analyzed or you're planning for a new wireless network installation, CTC Technologies can perform a wireless site survey in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Wireless/Wi-Fi Site Surveys and Audits in Kalamazoo, Michigan

From Network Installation To Analysis, Our Wi-Fi Site Surveys Are An Ideal Solution

Make the Most of Your Wi-Fi Network

Having an optimal wireless Internet network is a requirement for running an efficient business. In many cases, your Wi-Fi network is responsible for handling up to 71% of all business communications. Knowing this, it is essential that you have a wireless infrastructure that is built to meet your business demands and not have any issues with downtime or lagging. Contact our team today to learn more about how our Wi-Fi surveys can help.

How Do I Know If I Need a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

Network Capability and Traffic Issues

Is your network getting clogged up with traffic? Having issues with your network being overworked? Our Wi-Fi site surveys can isolate the problem so our technicians can get in and revamp your network to meet your business requirements.

Inconsistent Connections

If you are experiencing difficulties trying to connect multiple devices, especially in specific locations, a Wi-Fi site survey can identify the dead zones. Our team can then rework the network configuration to eliminate these dead zones and create an environment of streamlined connectivity.

Scaling Your Existing Network

You don’t have to guess at ways of how to scale your existing wireless network to ensure it is built with high performance and reliability. Our technicians can handle this for you while confirming your network is fit for purpose.

Planning and Designing a New Wireless Network

Looking to implement a new wireless network? Our Wi-Fi experts can help plan, design, and install a new network with factors like the size of the office, the number of devices, required coverage areas, and the current building construction in mind. We’ll make sure the network is set up the right way.

Benefits of a Wireless Site Survey

Having an optimized wireless network is a cornerstone of running a successful business. No matter which industry your business is in, strong Wi-Fi networks help your customers and employees. A Wi-Fi site survey can confirm whether your current bandwidth is accurate in terms of meeting your business needs, minimizing business costs (both direct and indirect), and double-check that your wireless network is secure from hacks and other cyberattacks.

How Our Wireless Site Survey Process Works

Step One: Contact Us

Contact our office via phone, email, or online form fill. One of our team members will confirm the service needed and set up your appointment.

Step Two: Wi-Fi Network Examination

Our technician will provide an expert examination of your current network, including an analysis of its current connectivity strength, coverage areas, and more.

Step Three: Receive Detailed Report

We will provide a thorough assessment report detailing recommendations for improving connectivity and performance, ways to reduce installation costs and avoid unnecessary changes or upgrades to the network infrastructure and provide data-driven visual insights into how your network is running thanks to tools like Ekahau Site Survey and Savvius Omnipliance.

Schedule Your Wi-Fi Site Survey Now

Don’t go another day with an underperforming wireless network. Improve overall business efficiency with our detailed Wi-Fi site survey reports. Contact us today to get started.