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If you're looking to analyze the performance of your already established wireless network or need to install a completely new network, contact CTC Technologies for a wireless site survey in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Wireless/WiFi Site Surveys in Auburn Hills, MI

As a local business, you need your wireless network to be operating at optimal capacity at all times. Some businesses depend on wireless connectivity for around 71% of their operations and communications. If your infrastructure can’t handle your business’s demands, the network needs to be evaluated. A WiFi survey in Auburn Hills can help with that. 

What Does a Wireless Site Survey Evaluate?

You don’t need to be installing a new wireless network in order to benefit from a wireless site survey. If you’re having ongoing programs that are affecting the reliability and performance of your network, a WiFi site survey can address those issues. 

The wireless network site survey will evaluate any issues you’re encountering with network capabilities and traffic. If you’re running into inconsistent connections and your network is encountering downtime in certain locations, it’ll address those problems as well. 

Do you want to scale your existing wireless network but feeling uncertain about whether or not it’ll offer the high performance that you need for your organization? Our skilled specialists will answer all of those questions when conducting a wireless site survey. 

For businesses seeking to design and install a new wireless network, a WiFi site survey will evaluate how large your facility is, the amount of coverage you need, and the number of devices you anticipate needing to connect to it. It’ll also look at your current infrastructure and your building’s construction. 

What Are the Benefits of a WiFi Site Survey?

Whether you’re running a corporate office or a retail store, reliable wireless is a must. A wireless site survey will ensure the bandwidth you’re operating with adequately meets the needs of your company. It’ll also help minimize any indirect and direct costs your business encounters. A site survey will also check to see if your WiFi network is meeting your business’s security requirements. 

Our Process for Wireless Site Surveys

Our surgery engineers will come to your location and conduct an analysis that is focused on your facility’s infrastructure and business needs. We’ll examine your current network and prepare a report that includes our findings and recommendations to improve your performance and connectivity. 

If you’re having a new wireless network installed, we’ll work to reduce your installation costs and avoid any unnecessary charges or upgrade. By utilizing Ekahau Site Survey and Savvius Omnipliance, we’ll deliver you visual and data-driven insights that clearly illustrate what’s going on in your wireless network. 

Book a Consultation for a Wireless Site Survey in Auburn Hills

If you’d like to know more information about how your business can benefit from a WiFi site survey and to schedule a consultation, give us at CTC Technologies a call. We’ll go over the benefits that are specific to your organization and create a survey and report that addresses your business’s specific needs. 

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