Expert WiFi Surveys in Holland, Michigan


Whether you have an existing wireless network that needs to be analyzed or you're planning for a new wireless network installation, CTC Technologies can perform a wireless site survey in Holland, Michigan.

Expert WiFi Surveys in Holland, Michigan

A Wireless Site Survey to Ensure Optimal Functioning of Your Internet

Keep Your Network Running Smoothly

Your organization’s wireless network is essential to your operation’s business. For some companies, your WiFi is responsible for around 71% of their communications.

It’s vital that you ensure your infrastructure can withstand your business’s demands. You need to not only plan for now but for your future needs.

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How Do I Know if I Need Wireless Site Surveys in Holland, Michigan?

A WiFi survey is an essential part of when you’re designing and planning wireless networking in Holland, Michigan. However, businesses that already have their wireless network in place can also benefit from a wireless site survey. You can address and correct problems affecting your network’s reliability and performance.

One sign that you might need a WiFi survey is that you’re having problems with your network traffic and capabilities. You might also experience inconsistent connections. Downtime in specific locations might be a sign as well.

Your business might have grown since you set up your current infrastructure. A WiFi site survey can evaluate your existing network. We’ll determine if it’s adequate for your current and future needs.

A WiFi survey is crucial if you’re setting up a new facility. Our experts will consider factors like how many devices need to connect to the network. We’ll also evaluate the size of the building. Our goal is to ensure that your network meets your business’s demands.

What Are the Benefits of a WiFi Site Survey?

Wireless networks are an essential component of running a business. Whether you own a corporate enterprise or a retail store, you need the internet to function. You want to feel confident that your network will provide you with consistent and reliable performance.

A wireless site survey will minimize your business’s indirect and direct costs. It’ll also ensure that your network’s bandwidth can support your organization’s needs. It guarantees your WiFi network meets your business’s security requirements.

How Does a WiFi Site Survey Work?

Our experts at CTC Technologies have experience performing WiFi site surveys on various organizations. We take all factors into account during our survey.

We’ll carry out a comprehensive analysis of your property. This analysis is tailored to your business’s needs and infrastructure.

Our qualified survey engineers will examine your wireless network. We’ll provide you with a report that includes our recommendations.

Our team will also analyze your wireless coverage and connectivity. We’ll let you know where we think you should configure your access points.

We aim to reduce your installation costs. We also strive to avoid unnecessary upgrades and changes to your infrastructure.

Our engineers utilize the best tools in the industry. We use programs like Savvius Omnipliance and Ekahau Site Survey. These tools enable us to deliver visual and data-driven insights about your network.

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