5 Top Antivirus Providers for 2019

Cybersecurity for 2019 is a tale of three numbers:

  • $6 trillion: Cyber crime’s global economic cost by 2021
  • $248 billion: The expected size of the cybersecurity market by 2023
  • 10: The number of antivirus options available here from which to choose the best defense for your organization

Companies don’t have to face the stark reality of such numbers empty-handed. There are many antivirus providers developing software solutions today. Here are the ones we recommend you consider. 

The Top 5 Antivirus Providers

1. McAfee

Now in its fourth decade, few security enterprises enjoy McAfee’s name recognition. As it turns out, there are about as many that enjoy its reputation for endpoint protection, detection, and response.

As its name suggests, McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection includes:

  • Anti-malware protection
  • Email protection
  • Web protection (warning about websites that might be malicious)

“The product suite works extremely well at shielding our servers from malware and viruses,” one user notes. “We have never experienced downtime on account of a framework interruption that McAfee permitted to get to our system.”

2. Symantec

Implementing a Symantec Endpoint Protection solution will help your enterprise:

  • Stave off ransomware and other attacks
  • Dramatically reduce false positives
  • Prevent zero-day attacks that leverage memory-based vulnerabilities in various applications
  • Optimize your security posture

Symantec achieves this a number of ways, including: by combining signatureless and critical endpoint technologies; using advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis; continually optimizing its detection engines.

An IT professional familiar with Symantec Endpoint Protection noted its light touch: “The scanning on the clients is well optimized and it is hardly noticeable from (a) performance aspect.”

3. Cylance

CTC Preferred Vendor StampCylance leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to protect enterprises — which includes the 10 million+ endpoints on which it is deployed — against ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats to businesses.

PCMag ranks it “Good” and writes, “It’s extraordinarily simple to use, with no settings and no worries about frequent updates.” User comments include:

  • “(A) predictive, fast and efficient unit when detecting an intrusion before reaching its final point”
  • “Has an excellent reporting system”
  • “Cylance was able to protect against the WannaCry vulnerability using (its) AI technology”

Cylance is one to consider if you want heavy protection that won’t weigh down your network and are ready to take advantage of AI’s benefits.

4. Kaspersky Lab

While this solution is lauded for “excel(ing) at protecting systems,” it’s difficult to ignore the most significant Kaspersky Lab news of the last few years. You most likely heard of it: Israeli claims that the Russia-based company’s security software sifts through users’ machines searching for classified information.

The story eventually became more convoluted than an episode of Westworld, with denials and accusations all around.

Kaspersky Lab’s endpoint solutions test well and are well regarded based on their performance in standard security tests. Given the well-documented allegations against it, however, a little wariness is warranted.


For its part, PCMag considers ESET a top pick for endpoint protection. The site rates it an excellent choice and lauds its detection rates, ease of use, and remote management. End users expressed the sentiment that it is effective without presenting itself as “nanny-ware.”

Since no endpoint protection is perfect — just like everything else in the world — some ESET users cite a decrease in effectiveness or difficulty connecting with technical support.

ESET is a solution that tics many of the boxes shared by the other companies on this list. To mention just a few: endpoint security; server, mobile, and mail security; and remote management. Despite those earlier mentioned issues, ESET garners enough kudos to earn your consideration.

The Next 5 Antivirus Providers

Owing to the continual threats posed by hackers and other cyber criminals worldwide, competitors in this space continue to up their game. That means even those systems that didn’t merit a mention in our top five may still deliver a level of protection suited to your specific situation.

They are:

  1. Sophos
  2. Trend Micro
  3. Avast
  4. F-Secure
  5. Webroot

CTC Technologies delivers antivirus solutions

End users have choices in the antivirus arena. Sometimes, it’s almost too much choice as your enterprise’s IT leaders work hard to identify the perfect solution.

CTC Technologies’ resident experts routinely deliver effective cybersecurity protection for companies both local and global. We’ll be happy to work with you to achieve the same high water mark, selecting the right endpoint security for you specifically (since no two companies are exactly alike). Contact us today and let’s begin a conversation about securing your company for 2019 and into the next decade.