Top 5 Zero Day Exploit Prevention Solutions of 2017-2018

There are ways to equip your organization with increased cybersecurity performance solutions—under budget and within compliance of your firm. Whether your organization focuses on database, network, cloud, mobile security, or all of them integrated together, there are precautionary steps that can be taken.

Consider These Top 5 Cybersecurity Preventative Solutions:

1. CylancePROTECT®

Cylance developed an effective algorithmic science and artificial intelligence solution for
preventing advanced threats and malware from executing on your organization’s endpoints.

Cylance’s unprecedented malware identification capability analyzes and classifies hundreds of
thousands of characteristics per file, breaking data down to an atomic level. This powerful function determines if an object is good or bad—in real time.

Cylance is known to be ‘smartest endpoint network security on the planet.’ In addition to a home protection plan, they have introduced a new generation of Cylance Protect® + ThreatZERO™.

2. Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is the ‘first and only solution’ that offers data protection from ALL threats. This platform places sensitive information at the center of all data protection and activity monitoring: data discovery, classification, loss prevention, cloud protection, threat detection and response activities.

Leveraging a new ARC cloud service, this data protection platform detects threats and stops data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders, as well as external adversaries. By converging data loss prevention and threat detection and response, there’s one less endpoint agent to manage and one less console to monitor.

3. Vectra Cognito™

Vectra has security analyst software, with a line called ‘Cognito’ that automates a hunt for cyber attackers. Highest risk threats are prioritized so cyber security teams can respond at top speed. This solution is known to stop “in-progress” attacks, preventing valuable data loss.

Vectra Cognito condenses days or weeks of work into minutes and reduces threat investigation workload by up to 29x by security event automation. Touting speed and power, Cognito ‘eats hackers for breakfast.’

4. Cisco’s AMP platform

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) has continuous monitoring of malicious behavior, as well as rapid malware detection and removal.
Cisco’s AMP platform provides global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, and real-time malware blocking. It analyzes file activity across your extended network to detect, contain, and remove advanced malware, defeating advanced attacks.

When security matters, ultimate breach prevention is crucial. AMP agrees that your organization can’t afford to be without a cybersecurity plan in place, but cannot rely on prevention alone.

5. Palo Alto Networks Traps

Most solutions respond as if the attack has already occurred. As we see in the increased number of breach events, prevention is key. Cybersecurity prevention should be what keeps your organization’s CEO up at night and should be at the heart of every organization’s IT department.

Palo Alto Traps prevent security breaches by blocking known and unknown malware, exploits and Zero Day threats—without human intervention. Traps has an exclusive multi-method prevention approach and has advanced endpoint protection from a single, lightweight agent.

Traps multi-method exploit prevention focuses on a small set of techniques; all exploit-based attacks use, which rarely change. Instead of attempting to intercept millions of individual attacks or underlying software vulnerabilities, Traps blocks these technique threats, preventing exploitation attempts BEFORE they can compromise endpoints. Traps automatically reprograms endpoints, using threat intelligence gained from a global community of customers and partners across endpoints, networks, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Traps can protect and empower users when using web, mobile, and/or cloud-based applications without fearing cyber threats. This protection doesn’t compromise user systems and doesn’t depend on cumbersome virus scans.

Prevent Disaster: Prepare Your Cybersecurity Solutions Today

Current weather misfortune, like our most recent catastrophic hurricanes, have left today’s cyber world having to pick up the pieces with broken technology. How is it that we can cement protect residential communities and execute secure building codes to high rise apartment buildings, but we can’t seem to budget and maintain regular cybersecurity prevention solutions?

There’s a tendency for corporations to wait until it’s too late.

Internal IT departments everywhere are scratching their heads, asking what do we do now that they hacked us? Organizations often attempt to find quick bandage answers and work in circles, avoiding intelligent cybersecurity prevention solutions for fear of costs. But, waiting for a calamity to happen is a costly mistake, as Equifax may be realizing.

Instead of common knee jerk reactions to cybersecurity breach occurrences, let’s explore ways to prevent IT disasters that could have the power and precision to wipe out your entire system.

Zero Day vulnerabilities are serious security risks. When determining an appropriate cybersecurity solution, look for security software that protects against both known and unknown threats. Find a prevention cybersecurity solution that fits with your organization’s budget and timeline.

Your cybersecurity needs to be spot on for your company’s unique needs.

Whether your organization is seeking a complete integration or a partial cybersecurity solution, it’s time to determine your firm’s ideal prevention solution. Or, take into consideration a system upgrade—before disaster strikes again.

Cybersecurity is a must. With increased security breaches, your firm needs to be prepared for the worse case scenario and equipped with its best prevention plan. Protect your organization against a crippling breach of security and brand decay. Time doesn’t wait for evil hackers to strike—submit our CTC Technologies form today. CTC has prevention solution professionals ready to take your call: 734.388.4194