Low-Voltage Cabling.

For your network, we can reliably design, install, and support a full range of low voltage, copper, and fiber optic cabling solutions to power your data centers, telephone systems, networks, and surveillance systems.

Network Cabling Installation Services

Whether you need low-voltage cabling installed or enhanced, we can help. Our engineers are CAT 6, CAT6a, CAT7, and CAT8 cabling experts who regularly produce network designs and conduct wireless installs and refreshes for cabling systems, LAN, and WAN applications. We can install all new low-voltage cabling or move, add, or change existing cabling and hardware.

Low voltage cabling solutions

Our Network Cabling Services.

CAT Network Cabling:

We can install CAT6, 6a, 7, and 8 wherever you need it.
Fiber Network Cabling:

We are experts in single and multi-mode fiber optic connections and can provide backbone connectivity at affordable prices.
Structured Cabling:

Proper structured cabling is a foundational requirement of a solid network infrastructure. We can ensure that it conforms to industry standards.
Server Rack Installation:

Avoid the server room spaghetti trap and let us properly patch, label and organize your server room cabling.
Network Design and Installation:

A good network architecture starts with a good network design process. Let us guide your install from start to finish with our expert network design and installation services.
Cabling Certification:

All network/low-voltage cabling jobs are fully certified using a FLUKE Network tester to ensure optimal performance, after the project is completed.
Wireless (Wi-Fi):

Don’t let your Wi-Fi become your company's bottleneck. From ideal access point placement to cabling infrastructure, we have you covered.
EMT/Rigid Conduit:

Keep your low-network cabling runs organized and protected in EMT/rigid conduit with the proper specifications.

Work with credentialed professionals.

CTC’s engineering team has decades of experience performing successful low-voltage cabling installs and refreshes, and we are certified and licensed for placement, installation, and mounting of cabinets, racks, cable trays.

Our BICSI certifications include: 

BICSI Installer 1 (INST1)
BICSI Technician (TECH)
BICSI Installer 2, Optical Fiber (INSTF)
BISCI Installer 2, Copper (INSTC)
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