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If your company needs access to specialized, highly-technical engineers for complex IT projects and/or emerging technologies, CTC Technologies is here to help. Whether it's a multi-site network refresh, large-scale wireless site survey, or a global SD-WAN implementation, we've got the proven experience to get your next IT project executed without having to hire additional employees or project managers.

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CTC’s September 2019 Threat Report

Vulnerabilities come from all sides — even from the inside. That’s the case with two notable items from recent worldwide cybersecurity activity.  Of even greater significance, however, are the ongoing attacks faced by public institutions seen in generations past as practically untouchable: presidential elections and government operations. U.S. Institutions Dealing with Ongoing Attacks A widespread… Read more

4 Network Cabling Service Mistakes To Avoid

Wireless technology garners many of today’s IT-related headlines. However, there are few elements as crucial to a productive setting than reliable network cabling.  Recognizing that, ensuring your network cabling service providers deliver on the promise of an efficient and effective network is crucial. To help, here are four network cabling service mistakes to avoid. 1…. Read more

CTC's August 2019 Threat Report

Technology integrates so well into our daily lives that it’s easy to place perhaps too much trust in it.  That’s what happened to approximately 100 drivers in California. They trusted Google Maps to find their way out of a traffic jam but ended up stuck in a muddy field. That level of trust can create… Read more

CTC’s July 2019 Threat Report

Along with rotary dial phones, cassette-playing Sony Walkman devices, and CRT televisions, add another victim to advancing technology: battle lines. Today, no one is afforded a clear demarcation point between potential conflict and peace. That includes, as we see below, your company. The U.S. Goes After Iran with Cyber Attacks; Iran Attacks Industries Following the… Read more

Wireless VoIP: Something in the Air

With the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market projected to surpass $55 billion by 2025, it’s clear that enterprises remain bullish on the technology.  That may provide a good headwind for wireless VoIP, which looks to attract more business users in the coming years. What Is Wireless VoIP? Wireless VoIP takes a cue from its… Read more

5 Top Barcoding Systems For Manufacturing

Barcoding systems in manufacturing allow for an array of benefits, including materials and equipment inventorying, shipment processing, and equipment tracking. Those benefits and more translate to efficiencies that can directly boost a manufacturer’s bottom line. Holding inventory, for example, can cost an enterprise as much as 30% more than the inventory’s unit cost value. If… Read more

CTC's June 2019 Threat Report

Trust, but verify. It’s advice popularized by President Ronald Reagan during his tenure. He used to help characterize his philosophy toward Soviet leaders on the subject of nuclear disarmament. The need for such due diligence permeates every layer of every enterprise’s IT landscape. News from the last month underscores how even the largest organizations are… Read more

Overcoming Wireless Challenges In a Manufacturing ...

While wireless technology will never be problem-free, the margin of error for manufacturers grows smaller by the day, driven by global competition as well as increasing client and consumer demand for quality and reliability. For a time, manufacturers could hobble along with various wireless problems. That’s no longer the case, though. Add to the competition… Read more

CTC’s May 2019 Threat Report

Hackers never take a break from their assaults, so it’s crucial never to take a break from your defense — even if that means spoiling someone’s idea of “pure fun” (see below). Manufacturers Under (Cyber) Attack from the Inside A report recently released by Verizon highlights a common — and serious — cybersecurity threat: people… Read more

Manufacturing on the Edge

By 2025, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will pass the $900 billion valuation mark worldwide. Among other changes, this ongoing wave of digitization promises to change how manufacturing plants look, operate, and produce goods. A chief component of this change is edge computing — locating data storage closest to the facility or facilities… Read more