Wireless Networking.

Speed up your network and maximize staff performance with a new wireless technology infrastructure. We work with your internal stakeholders, employees, and external contractors to assess all of your business and technology requirements before designing and implementing your new wireless network.

Increase wireless performance.

Revamp your existing wireless network, or implement a new one. Our seasoned engineers can help you plan, design, install and optimize the best solution for your business. Empower your business with an agile solution that increases employee performance and access.

New & existing wireless network builds
Wireless audits, architecture, and network installation
Improved integration and collaboration across your entire network
Better mobility while maintaining flexibility to meet constantly changing market and organizational demands
Ability to handle voice, data, and video
Data-driven wireless solutions

Data-driven wireless solutions.

Your CTC team will conduct a thorough review of your current processes and practices to understand how to best increase wireless performance. We examine geographical usage areas, mobility requirements, throughput needs, and security enforcements. The team will then create a roadmap detailing our implementation recommendations to transform your network.

Closed loop communication.

Your dedicated project manager will keep your tech and leadership teams updated at all times on project progress. You also have direct access to our full team of wireless networking engineers and support specialists. We will also work directly with your general contractor, electrician, etc. to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Our team covers the following major installation activities to ensure that your wireless network performs optimally:

Dedicated project manager
Daily communication with IT & executive teams
Direct collaboration with internal teams & external contractors

Wireless Post Installation Support.

After your new wireless network is deployed, our engineers will validate your network coverage to make sure your wireless infrastructure has successfully met your organization’s goals and technical requirements. We achieve this by performing RF signal coverage measurements of your new network.

Our personalized post-launch services are flexible enough to fit the needs of any size organization. As an option, our support team can provide your key members with network management training. If your organization needs further assistance managing the wireless network in-house, we also offer fully managed IT services.

Post installation support for wireless networks
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