Manufacturing IT Solutions

Efficient supply chain operations and business-focused communications are critical in the increasingly complex manufacturing environment. Delays caused by network outages, decisions based on inaccurate or outdated information and failure to collaborate effectively can bring processes to a standstill.

Our manufacturing IT solutions help you to overcome these challenges, enhancing the customer experience and protecting your bottom line.

Networking & Cabling

For businesses competing in the manufacturing industry, a robust and agile IT infrastructure is critical. With a connected and dynamic infrastructure in place, manufacturing companies will be perfectly poised to keep pace with new technologies such as mobility, IoT, Big Data and advanced collaboration and communication.

CTC offers support to manufacturing end-users and their devices, data centers and distributed networks, providing uninterrupted operations and improved network uptime. With our IT solutions in place, your business will:

  • Experience lower overhead costs and increased IT infrastructure performance.
  • Become more agile and able to take advantage of best in class technology that supports your business operations.
  • Be perfectly positioned to set strategic business objectives.
  • Discover new ways of working that can be applied to manufacturing processes and team collaboration.
  • Cut deployment time and costs through a virtualized SD-WAN solution.

Network Security

The manufacturing industry is one of the most vulnerable when it comes to security breaches and threats. With the rise of new technologies such as IoT and Big Data, these threats will only become more widespread.

At CTC we help manufacturing companies to realize and address the very real impact of security vulnerabilities and to achieve the following and more:

  • Enhanced visibility of network events and operations, allowing IT teams to be more proactive and find resolutions to problems quickly and more efficiently.
  • To protect their competitive advantage and intellectual property with robust security solutions.
  • Enhanced mobile and endpoint security that protects data flowing between endpoints and stored on mobile devices.
  • Protection against data and application theft, disaster and hardware failure with DaaS.

Voice & Data

Communication and collaboration, often over vast distances, is critical in the manufacturing industry. These businesses are often based on huge sites encompassing multiple locations and buildings.

At CTC we provide voice and data solutions that allow dispersed teams and operations to work as a unified unit and quickly adapt as your business grows or needs change.