Technological advances in the automotive industry are forcing OEMs, suppliers, and manufacturers to rethink their IT initiatives. Our automotive IT solutions help businesses harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure and networks, resulting in increased efficiency, innovation, and growth.

IT Infrastructure

In today’s fast­paced world of automotive manufacturing and sales, having the right IT infrastructure is crucial. Poorly performing networks, incorrect configurations, and unnecessary overhead costs affect your company’s bottom line. In today’s competitive automotive landscape, no organization can afford to make these mistakes.

Our automotive IT solutions ensure that your IT infrastructure is performing at its best. Below are a few examples of how we can help your automotive business improve its IT infrastructure:

  • Increase your IT infrastructure performance by implementing a WAN optimization solution
  • Lower your overhead costs and decrease deployment time through a virtualized SD-WAN implementation
  • Boost your network speeds by upgrading crucial hardware like routers, switches, and access points


The global landscape of the automotive industry has opened up endless opportunities for growth and collaboration. Along with the international reach, however, comes with increased concerns of protecting important company and customer data. Factor in the migration of many ERP and SCM applications into the cloud, and you have quite a bit of potential for any astute hacker to gain access to your critical business information.

Our automotive IT security solutions have helped businesses achieve some of the following:

  • Increased visibility into network operations, allowing internal automotive IT teams to fix problems quickly and efficiently
  • Better mobile security and endpoint protection for companies with a distributed workforce
  • Better data security and network security to protect your customer and business data


The collaborative nature of the automotive industry yields a necessity for increased mobility in business communications. Complex supply chain processes and the global automotive market requires enterprises to have a mobility plan in place to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of technology. Our automotive IT mobility solutions help your business stay current with the latest demands in mobility, upholding your efficiency and innovation without sacrificing security.

We help automotive enterprises increase their mobility by helping them with some of the following:

  • Implementation of a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to help boost employee innovation and productivity
  • Design, architecture, installation, and support of a high­performance, high­availability enterprise wireless network
  • Identify shortcomings and mobile security vulnerabilities in existing networks and offer cost­ effective solutions to rectify them


In addition to mobility, effective communication is also a top priority of many automotive companies. Easy, effective communication between organizations within an automotive enterprise results in better plant floor management, improved product development, and reduced quality control issues.

We offer the following automotive communication solutions to our customers:

  • Cisco­-powered video solutions that enable more effective collaboration between design centers, account teams, factories, partners, and suppliers
  • Cisco-­powered remote collaboration solutions that provide in-­person experiences

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