Defense IT Solutions

The defense industry deals with huge volumes of sensitive data and mission-critical communications in its daily operations, and must make accurate decisions based on the integrity of this information. This puts organizations which protect the nation's well-being under increasing pressure to ensure all data they work with is not only secure but that it's being stored and accessed in compliance with the latest industry legislation.

At CTC, we help to reduce this pressure by ensuring the security, safety and reliability of your network, systems and data. We do this by providing you with tailored solutions and a defense IT infrastructure that adapts to your business needs.

Networking & Cabling

Defense organizations must ensure they are operating in compliance with a number of regulatory requirements at all times. Protection of identity and intellectual property are key issues for IT teams, and all exported data must also be controlled and protected.

CTC helps to protect and secure the identity and integrity of defense industry data without compromising performance by:

  • Finding the best IT infrastructure solution for your business needs, whether you have a virtual IT infrastructure or physical structure.
  • Working closely with you to ensure the solutions we provide continue to keep you compliant with the latest industry regulations.
  • Ensuring you can respond to security emergencies quickly and efficiently and adjust security policies instantly to address any breaches of security or new security risks that could pose a threat.
  • Increasing performance.
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication across departments, regardless of location.

Network Security

The defense industry poses some of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing security. It must all start with the network; mission-critical applications and a DoD cybersecurity strategy are only ever as robust as the network that supports them. For this reason, we will work closely with you to build an intuitive and reliable network framework that ensures your data, applications and systems offer the highest level of security without impacting on business operations.

Voice & Data

For defense operations to be at their most effective, they must have the highest level of reliable and efficient communications at their core. We offer voice and data solutions that handle the bandwidth-hungry, mission-critical data, voice and video traffic that empowers agencies and forces no matter where they are based.

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