Food & Beverage IT Solutions

For companies operating within the food and beverage industry, there's never been a better time to streamline business operations, enhance the customer experience and increase profitability.

At CTC, we help you to achieve these goals and drive your competitive edge by leveraging the latest IT solutions. Our solutions are designed to work in harmony with your business model, help you meet customer expectation and solve tough supply chain challenges common in the food and beverage industry.

Networking & Cabling

In an industry that's hugely competitive, it's important to keep discovering better ways of working, ensure ongoing innovation and deliver the best service possible, all while keeping IT costs in check. Working closely with you, we will design an IT infrastructure that helps you take advantage of the latest technology and which supports the ever-changing demands of your business and customer expectations.

Our solutions can help you to:

  • Ensure your IT infrastructure is able to support growth across your business and seasonal peaks in demand.
  • Gain valuable customer insights, enabling you to predict future ordering requirements and introduce new products.
  • Take advantage of technologies such as automated food safety procedures, supply chain management software and the latest e-commerce solutions.
  • Enhance communications across your business, ensuring employees are able to deliver the best service to customers at all times.
  • Control the daily running costs of managing your IT infrastructure.

Network Security

In an industry where personal customer data is present in huge volumes and the safety of products a top priority, the right network security solution is critical. No matter how distributed your organization or how you do business with your customers, we offer a range of network security solutions designed to secure your business data and systems and protect you from the ever-increasing risk of cyber attacks.

Voice & Data

A connected business is a competitive business. Our voice and data solutions are designed to enhance communications and collaboration across your entire company, regardless of geographical location or device. Using robust and reliable unified communications solutions, we can help you to enhance productivity across your organization, streamline supply chain operations and reduce your voice and data costs.

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