Healthcare IT Solutions

Technological advances in the healthcare industry are forcing OEMs, suppliers and manufacturers to rethink their IT initiatives. Our IT solutions for healthcare help organizations harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure and networks, resulting in increased efficiency, innovation and growth.

Healthcare IT Infrastructure

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are expecting direct access to health and wellness networks and solutions so having an optimal IT infrastructure is crucial to grow your business and connect with customers. Ensuring that patients feel their information is safe and they can get cutting-edge health solutions is a must. Poorly performing networks, incorrect configurations and unnecessary overhead costs affect your company’s bottom line. In today’s competitive health and wellness landscape, no organization can afford to make these mistakes.

Our IT solutions will ensure that your company avoids these problematic pitfalls. Below are a few examples of how we can help improve your IT infrastructure:

  • Increase your IT infrastructure performance by implementing a WAN optimization solution
  • Lower your overhead costs and decrease deployment time through a virtualized SD-WAN implementation
  • Boost your network speeds by upgrading crucial hardware like routers, switches and access points
  • Maintain a network backbone capable of transferring very large files immediately and reliably
  • Connect services to waiting rooms, patient rooms and campus-style facilities
  • Rely on complete networking with high bandwidth, monitored facilities, patient video services and more
  • Install cutting-edge, in-building wireless networks that are secure and reliable

Patient & Medical Records Security

There are endless opportunities for growth and collaboration in the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare and medical industries. However, this global landscape comes with increased concerns of protecting sensitive patient information from even the most successful cyber attacks. With the migration of medical records and patient information into the cloud, hackers have increased opportunities to gain access to patient files and institutional information.

Our IT security solutions have helped businesses achieve some of the following:

  • Increased visibility into network operations, allowing internal healthcare IT teams to fix problems quickly and efficiently
  • Better mobile security and endpoint protection for companies with a distributed workforce
  • Better data security and network security to protect patient records and business communications

Healthcare Workforce Mobility

The healthcare industry may face the greatest technology challenges of any industry. To improve patient outcomes, institutions need the cutting-edge medical technology at all times to meet data demands while still controlling for costs. The workforce is increasingly mobile, but security is crucial for patient safety.

Our solutions help your company stay up-to-date by meeting increasing mobility demands without sacrificing security or efficiency. Some of our IT solutions include:

  • Implementation of a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to help boost employee innovation and productivity
  • Design, architecture, installation and support of a high-performance, high-availability enterprise wireless network
  • Identify shortcomings and mobile security vulnerabilities in existing networks and offer cost-effective solutions to rectify them
  • Optimize network so that secure communication with patients can take place anywhere and anytime

Healthcare Organizational Communication

As we touched on above, connectivity between healthcare professionals and patients is crucial to a thriving business model. Not only do patients need to be able to have files and information at their fingertips, but they need access to the newest medical advances in technology without sacrificing on security. Efficient communication leads to more accurate diagnoses, health plans and patient outcomes.

We offer the following communication solutions for the healthcare industry:

  • Cisco Care-at-a-Distance and Clinical Workflow solutions that help local and remote healthcare teams collaborate to streamline workflows and enhance patient communication to make quick decisions for the welfare of the patient
  • Cisco Context-Aware Healthcare solutions that enhance care quality and optimize inventory management for all-around increased patient satisfaction
  • Interactive media with Expert on Demand that allows patients and healthcare professionals to connect immediately through video conferencing
  • Cisco Extended Care which allows professionals to connect with patients remotely and easily
  • Cisco’s Patient Connect engages patients to connect, learn and engage with professionals to increase satisfaction and have a better overall outcome with their health
  • Virtual house calls between healthcare professionals and patients with Cisco’s WebEx solution
  • Cisco’s Healthcare Intelligent Contact Center is more patient-centered and personal than an automatic recording. Decrease missed appointments and organize scheduling.

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