IT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing plays a vital role in the global economy. That role is expanding. It's led by artificial intelligence (AI) and fifth-generation cellular wireless (5G) technology.

In other words, Industry 4.0 is in full swing.

Keeping pace with the smart manufacturing developments of Industry 4.0, however, may prove challenging as the pace of technological development increases.

CTC Technologies can help you meet that challenge. We develop IT solutions that do more than ensure your business keeps up with rapid changes. We also design them to propel you ahead of market changes and competitors alike.

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Smart manufacturing is the integrated network of strategies that streamline complex systems and processes by enabling devices, sensors, and controls to share information.

Our goal at CTC Technologies is to empower your team to wrest more advantages from that network than anyone else.

Networking and Cabling for Smart Manufacturing

The most effective smart manufacturing foundations begin with a connected and dynamic infrastructure.

CTC Technologies supports manufacturing end-users and their devices, data centers, and distributed networks. The result: uninterrupted operations and improved network uptime.

Our Industry 4.0-friendly IT solutions deliver:

  • Decreased overhead costs. Paired with increased IT infrastructure performance, this alone can be a real game-changer.
  • Enhanced technological agility. This perfectly positions your enterprise to execute new strategic business objectives.
  • Reduced deployment time and improved collaboration. We utilize SD-WAN and other best-in-class approaches to achieve this powerful combination.

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Cybersecurity for Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing principles rely heavily on IoT, Big Data, and other crucial elements. That means protecting them is paramount to a stable, and ultimately financially rewarding, future. A future where your enterprise’s competitive advantages and intellectual property remain tightly controlled.

At CTC Technologies, we help manufacturers combat security breaches and shore up any network vulnerabilities by:

  • Increasing the visibility of network events and operations. Doing so allows IT teams to be more proactive and find resolutions to problems quickly
  • Enhancing mobile and endpoint security that protects all data flowing throughout the organization. One way we do this is by rolling out AI-powered tools to help build a 24/7 shield
  • Protecting against data loss, from theft, natural disaster, or hardware failure. Deploying robust DaaS offerings is just one way we’ve achieved this for clients.

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Communication in Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is redefining what we mean when we discuss communication. It’s still critical for associates to communicate with one another. But a successful future is also reliant upon the components of a smart manufacturing plant being able to “speak” to each other.

Ensuring reliable communication in both instances fuels collaboration, whether locally or across great distances.

CTC Technologies provides the voice and data solutions your plant needs to enable dispersed teams and operations to:

  • Work as a unified unit. This helps your enterprise quickly adapt as the business grows or market needs change
  • Strengthen wireless capabilities for 5G and beyond. Even better is that we can help you achieve this without assuming onerous financial obligations.
  • Protect every “1” and every “0” that flows through your data streams. Nothing less than full commitment here can guard against today’s threats and tomorrow’s risks.

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