Retail IT Solutions

At CTC, we understand the challenges faced by retail organizations today, and the competitive edge this sector demands. It's no longer enough to simply be available to your customers; you need to support customer personalization strategies, manage dispersed teams, make predictions based on accurate data and deliver a service that puts your customer front and center.

At CTC, we can help you to meet the demands of your customers and the needs of your growing business by providing you with tailored IT solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs and provide the guaranteed security that's essential when dealing with customer data.

Networking & Cabling

Our solutions are designed around your specific business. Whether you require an infrastructure that can help you to cope with seasonal peaks, unlock customer insights, enhance security or drive business agility and growth, we can design an IT infrastructure that addresses these requirements and more.

We can help you to:

  • Improve customer service, ensure faster transactions and reduce queuing times with an overhaul of your network and communications framework.
  • Ensure your systems are available 24/7 for the maximum operational time across all online retail sites and stores.
  • Increase business productivity.
  • Control IT costs.
  • Centralize and integrate disparate communications and data systems.

Network Security

Security threats continue to adapt and grow, and the retail sector where large volumes of personal customer data are present is especially vulnerable. At CTC, we understand the threat to business and offer a range of security solutions that protect all security endpoints, mobile devices, systems and data. Working closely with you, we will deploy and manage retail security solutions that not only protect your network and data, but which help you to stay innovative, agile and take your business forward.

Voice & Data

Whether you offer call center support to your customers, or need to keep your employees connected at all times, we can take your voice, data and video channels and combine them into a unified communications infrastructure that allows your entire company to communicate and collaborate. Communications are secure, reliable and can help to enhance the customer experience and productivity across your business.

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