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CTC Technologies, offers a wide range of IT services including managed IT, network security, application delivery and IT infrastructure for your Ann Arbor or metro Detroit company. Our goal is to provide industry leading IT solutions to help your organization improve network performance, mitigate risk and operate efficiently.

We Help Businesses Fill These Major IT Gaps:

Managed Services and Support

Prefer not to handle IT management yourself? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Many company executives choose for us to take total IT management off their hands because they see it as a drain on resources, money and, most of all, time. If this sounds like you, we are happy to oblige. CTC can manage your company’s services and support for you. By hosting your IT resources, we can manage your entire IT infrastructure from desktops to servers and networks. Our managed services and support are available for various company sizes and systems. We will work closely with you to ensure that your company’s specific needs are met and your mind can rest easily. Keep some money in the budget and allocate more time to other priorities by letting CTC manage your IT infrastructure for you.


CTC Technologies, Inc. can help you immediately boost your company’s networking performance by optimizing your broadband connectivity to support virtual and non-virtual networks, reducing your WAN costs by up to 90%. Ready to join the numerous other companies taking their applications to the Cloud? CTC Technologies can help you do so by adding lower-cost broadband connectivity, which will allow your company to take advantage of increased speed and performance without sacrificing security by reducing your reliance on multiprotocol labeling switching (MPLS). By optimizing your WAN, CTC makes it possible for your organization to replicate faster over longer distances by shrinking recovery point objectives (RPOs), which is great for enterprise-level companies. Our virtual WAN solutions are easy to operate at a company level so new sites can be provisioned without the help of a professional IT architect. Enjoy decreased costs, increased control and easy deployment today with our WAN solutions.


Cyber attacks seem to occur left and right in our fast-paced, high-tech modern world. With so much sensitive information floating around on company networks, security is of the highest importance. As mentioned above, your company does not have to skimp on security when optimizing your WAN. CTC can install next-generation firewalls that will keep your network safe from even the most sophisticated cyber attacks by implementing detection and prevention. No matter the size of the project, by deploying next-generation firewall protection at each step, your company can achieve a faster time to production, maintain continuous protection and maximize the value of your investments. Enjoy the freedom that comes with network security today and keep your WAN safe from email bugs all the up to the most experienced cyber attacks. CTC Tech can help keep your company’s secrets secret with our next-generation firewalls.


We all know the feeling of being stuck to an outlet. In this mobile day and age, being tied to a wall can be a great detriment to your company when everyone else is getting out and getting moving. CTC Technologies can help you increase your company’s mobility with our mobile solutions, and there are many benefits to be had from doing so. Keep up with the almost constant Wi-Fi tech advances with simpler, faster Wi-Fi deployments with little to no IT staff. Help employees collaborate better, which will lead to a more productive work environment. By giving them secure mobile access from anywhere, they can communicate more efficiently and get jobs done quicker. We deliver simple and secure networks from device to cloud that allow your customers to be more engaged with the company through innovative mobile apps and increase productivity for any size business. Thanks to the innovative technology available today, we can find just the right mobility solution for your company.

Data Storage

Filing cabinets have gone the way of the dinosaur – a prayer answered for many companies today that would have to build another high-rise just to house their files. Storage has downsized, multiplied and evolved time and time again in the ever-changing landscape of technology. For many companies, storage is right up there next to security as far as their priorities go, and often the two go hand-in-hand. CTC can help optimize your storage and keep everything safe at the same time with our flash storage solutions. You can have timeless storage while lowering the cost of ownership by up to 66%, and enjoying non-stop availability and cloud-like agility. Cutting-edge predictive flash storage solutions ensure that can expect no less than instant, readily-available data access.


Collaboration. Networking. Two very important words that get thrown around a lot in the corporate world. It is no secret that a company’s success is only as great as the workers that compose it. That being said, organizations want as few kinks as possible in their collaboration processes. CTC can help your company eliminate those kinks by combining your company’s phone and computer networks to make keeping in touch and sharing information easier than ever. Incorporate all of your communication devices (think phone and fax systems, mobile phones, voicemail, Internet, email, calendars and more) into one succinct solution instead of separate tools. One solution can help employees easily find and communicate with one another as well as with customers by quickly routing them to the best resources. Think of voice and data collaboration as a secretary for your business – a tech secretary that keeps all of your communication avenues intertwined and organized so that you don’t have to miss an email or lose a phone number in the far reaches of a desktop file.

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