APC provides its SMB customers with well-priced, thoughtfully designed back-end power and temperature-control products for all aspects of the digital environment. Recognizing that most small and medium-sized businesses have fiscal challenges that can exacerbate the damages caused by unnecessary and costly power outages or loss, APC's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power distribution units (PDUs) promise a reliable and stable power supply when traditional power services fail. Keeping technical equipment at a proper temperature and providing backup electrical support when needed, APC products and services help SMBs stay productive even while neighboring businesses are down during the outage.


APC is most well known for its power solutions, which include uninterruptible power supply units for businesses large and small. The first cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT environments, APC’s UPS lets users:

  • Monitor their UPS across their distributed sites.
  • Receive actionable alerts to issues.
  • Avoid costly downtime with lifecycle recommendations.

The company also offers an impressive range of audio/video solutions such as power conditioners and filters.

Additionally, APC provides environmental monitoring solutions for locations with high heat or cooling demands. The company’s innovative cooling solutions for data centers, from air conditioning to thermal containment, come in easy-to-install modules for cooling and power distribution and protection. At the most advanced levels, the APC customer designs and builds SmartShelters in instances where a disaster recovery and business continuity plan identifies the need for a hot site or in areas that are very remote but need a data center installation.

With its focus on SMBs, APC has solved many of the common concerns those entities face as they balance tight budgets against industry competition:

  • APC ensures proper environmental protection, including well-designed rack servers that provide a steady and reliable power source for all SMB activity.
  • Remote shutdown capability for virtual servers saves expensive equipment loss when power outages are unavoidable.
  • Protecting non-dedicated IT equipment is especially tricky for SMBs. APC’s fan-ventilated, soundproofed enclosures provide the protection of a dedicated IT enclosure without the added expense.

APC has a relentless focus on customer service, and APC UPS units are a trusted name with companies when it comes to protecting their infrastructure from potential outages. APC has a strong warranty department and offers quick turnarounds on extended warranties, battery replacements and preventative services.

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