Cylance offers enterprises reliable protection against cyber attacks. With threat prediction, detection, malware and junkware protection, and excellent customer service, Cylance helps to protect businesses from the many cybersecurity threats they face today. The company has more than a hundred enterprise clients around the world, including many government institutions and a number of Fortune 100 organizations. Cylance technology is already deployed on more than ten million endpoints globally and helps to defend against threats.


CTC Technologies offers the Cylance cybersecurity solution to enhance the security of businesses around the world. Discuss with us your cybersecurity concerns and compliance requirements and we will help you plan and deploy a Cylance solution that works for your brand. Whether you are located in NYC, D.C., or any other part of the world, CTC Technologies is ready to find and deploy a Cylance solution for your business.

Why Cylance?

Cylance offers a range of products to protect your enterprise from the latest generation of cybersecurity threats. The most popular of these products is CylancePROTECT, an endpoint security solution that uses artificial intelligence to protect against ransomware, malware, malicious documents and advanced threats. According to Cylance, it is the smartest endpoint security solution on the planet.

Cylance Product Features

  • Protection against fileless malware, which can infect enterprise systems even when employees are careful and clued up about security.
  • Protection against ransomware, which can cost businesses a huge amount of money and interfere with their usual operations.
  • CylancePROTECT uses advanced machine learning technology to offer protection to businesses, making it far more sophisticated than traditional anti-virus software.
  • CylancePROTECT is a lightweight cybersecurity protection agent which uses only a tiny percentage of PC processing power; harness your computing resources to manage your business, while feeling safe from cyber threats.

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