Fidelis Cybersecurity

Fidelis Cybersecurity protects your organization’s sensitive data by identifying and removing attackers no matter where they are hiding in your network and endpoints. The Fidelis solutions allow you to know when you are being attacked, retrace your attacker’s footsteps, and freeze them in their tracks.

Fidelis Network

Fidelis Network allows organizations to analyze their network at multi-gigabit speeds to identify and stop internal attacks. The Fidelis Network solution comes standard with a variety of tools designed to stop adverse occurrences like:

  • Advanced malware
  • Exploits
  • Advanced command and control activity

The Fidelis Network adds another layer of protection to your network in the cases when attackers slip through your traditional security system. The Fidelis Network allows you to accurately identify your attacker’s behavior, such as lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration. This allows organizations to identify threats quickly and ensure that data theft never happens.

All-in-all, with a Fidelis Network solution, your organization can:

Gain visibility across all ports and protocols – Watch network traffic on all ports and protocols, including misuse of protocols and services on non-standard ports

  • Detect and investigate retroactively – Investigate what attackers have done in the past by collecting and storing rich content-level metadata.
  • Accelerate investigation cycles – Simplify the data gathering process and make it easier to identify what is going on
  • Stop attackers on your network – Identify attackers on your network and unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of data in real-time
  • Detect the undetectable – Utilize Fidelis’ patent-pending metadata capture, storage, and automated security analytics to detect and perform analysis of advanced targeted attacks

Fidelis Endpoint

Fidelis Endpoint identifies compromised endpoints and automates the investigation response process. This allows your IT team to triage and validate suspected incidents faster. With Fidelis Endpoint, organizations also gain the ability to harvest data from all endpoints in your network, then correlate them with Fidelis’ intelligence database, threat reputation services, and third-party intelligence feeds. This leads to faster discovery of compromised endpoints.

The automated remediation process saves organizations time and helps prevent data theft before it occurs. The Fidelis Endpoint solution is a must-have for any organization who values their company and customer data.

Overall, the Fidelis Endpoint solution allows organizations to:

  • Eliminate blind spots – Identify and validate threats on your endpoints anywhere on your network
  • Respond immediately – Integrate with SIEMs, next-generation firewalls and alerting tools to accelerate your response and trace alerts to compromised endpoints
  • Identify compromised endpoints – Automatically sweep all endpoints for signs of compromise once it has been validated
  • Proactively hunt for threats – Apply network or host-based intelligence in any format to rapidly identify compromised endpoints and automatically take action
  • Know what happened – Record key events and receive a detailed timeline related to a suspected incident along with prioritized alerts
  • Stop data theft – Halt data theft and lateral movements by isolating endpoints, halting processes, wiping files, and kicking off a script to initiate an anti-virus scan

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