Maxta Hyperconvergence

Maxta's slogan is "Hyperconvergence Your Way," and it's dedicated to empowering companies with the software flexibility they need to keep up with the demands of the modern business world.


Maxta stands out among hyperconvergence vendors by eliminating common roadblocks standing in the way to adoption, such as vendor lock-in and the dreaded upgrade tax. Maxta serves many high profile clients, including the United States Air Force and American Fidelity.

The company’s Hyperconvergence Software does not require a certain appliance or virtualization solution. Instead, companies can use the hardware that they prefer, which cuts down on the associated equipment costs. It also supports most major hypervisor platforms and server vendors. Another cost-saving feature is the ability to independently scale your storage and compute.

The lack of vendor lock-in is incredibly valuable when you want to optimize your operations. You can mix and match your hardware and hypervisors to support your current and future needs without paying a premium for software upgrades and hardware refreshes each time. Maxta offers pre-configured servers if you want to add more capacity during the platform deployment or need to replace existing equipment. The manufacturers of the validated servers include Lenovo, Cisco, Quanta Computer, Dell EMC, HP Enterprise and SuperMicro.

Another area where Maxta excels is supporting mixed workloads. The platform puts the needs of applications first and foremost. It uses optimization techniques that work on virtual machines and vDisks, rather than a cluster basis. You don’t sabotage the optimization functionality by running more than one application on the cluster. This feature is yet another way that Maxta introduces more flexibility into a hyperconvergence solution.

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