As one of the most well-known brands in IT, Microsoft enables consumers and businesses to achieve their goals every day. From the iconic Windows operating system to Microsoft’s many software solutions, almost every business relies on Microsoft to ensure their operations run smoothly. Microsoft has both commercial and enterprise customers in almost every nation around the world, which makes them one of the most trusted global brands in IT.


CTC Technologies is an authorized Microsoft reseller. Whenever you need a helping hand in setting up and maintaining a Microsoft solution, you can get in touch with CTC Technologies. We offer Microsoft solutions to meet your enterprise software needs. Wherever you are in the world, CTC Technologies is ready to plan and deploy a Microsoft solution for your large, medium or small business.

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft solutions are designed to be easy to set up and use. They also offer many customizability options to help the software meet the needs of your business and employees. With large enterprise customers all over the world, Microsoft designs products that can scale with the size of the organization, offering reliable functionality no matter how big your enterprise gets.

Microsoft Product Features

  • Office 365 fulfills enterprise software needs on a monthly subscription basis. With full-featured word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, publication, email and communication tools, Office 365 is a must-have for all companies.
  • Windows operating systems provide user-friendly interfaces for desktop PCs, servers and even Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Microsoft offers a high level of customer service and technical support to all enterprise customers, allowing them to get on with their business operations, safe in the knowledge that they can rely on their Microsoft products and services at all times.
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